Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Bacca tells how he is coping with quarantine

Bacca assures that in Villarreal there are no cases of coronavirus.

The Colombian striker of Villarreal, Carlos Bacca, has assured in declarations to the newspaper the Herald of his country, that after the tests carried out on the first team squad to detect if any player was infected with the Covid-19, “they have given negative”.

Bacca has explained his quarantine situation and how he is experiencing this pandemic. Regarding the tests and their results, the striker pointed out: “The League obligatorily sent us to take the test. On Friday the club called us and set a schedule for each of us. They did the exams from the parking lot of the club. We arrived separately and each in his car. The doctors were in the parking lot and there they did the test. Thank God no one is infected. ”

Asked how he is living this situation, the forward has indicated: “We made the purchase for a month, serious voices were already being heard and the club was already warning us that things were getting complicated. At home we are locked up, we don’t go out at all. “

“What we do is wake up and share breakfast as a family. In the morning we all train in the parking lot of the house, in the space we have. I do the exercises that the club sends me, because they are sending us individualized work to lose what physical fitness is less possible, although we know it will be difficult, training at home is not the same as in the field ”, he concluded


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