Babyface commanding an army | sports

Babyface commanding an army | sports

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said Alex Ferguson the worst phrase that a coach can say of a player: "He has the ability to sit on the bench and analyze the game like nobody." Said and done, the legendary United coach made Solskjaer a substitute player, but yes, the best substitute in the world. The Guardian went further: "Is Solskjaer the best substitute player in history?"

The Norwegian player, protagonist of the most epic moment that United ever lived (the goal in the discount that gave him the Champions in Barcelona), said years after retiring that, upon learning of his condition on the bench, decided to adapt. As a player who plays in a position that is not his, Solskjaer played sitting most of the games of the red devils, but nobody sat like him. "I studied the games, I looked at the midfielders and rival defenses, I noticed their weaknesses, and when I went out on the field I already knew what I had to do," he told the magazine. Josimar."If we played against Arsenal, I did not care about Henry: Henry could do whatever he wanted. I did not take his eyes off Jaap Stam. "

Who could have thought that the best substitute that Manchester United has ever had would debut as a mid-season coach? Solskjaer, Babyface Assasin According to the very impressive English press (Assassin with the face of a child), he has put Norway upside down, his country, where he has hastened to catalog the news as another symbol of the export of national virtues.

The journalist Trond Johanssen wondered in the magazine VG: "Trygve Lie was the first secretary general of the United Nations, Gro Harlem Brundtland, general director of the World Health Organization, and Jens Stoltenberg is the secretary general of NATO, but have they had a job more exposed than Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has received? " And in an article in Idretspolitikk, Well-known journalist Andreas Selliaas responds: "I asked a soccer fan who knows Jens Stoltenberg well if Solskjaer lives more exposed than the NATO secretary-general. The answer was that Solskjaer has a better chance of being fired. Nor do I believe there is a war if Manchester United becomes a second division club under Solskjaer. "

"More exposed than the man trying to prevent Vladimir Putin from conquering more land in the former Soviet Union?" Selliaas asks in reference to the NATO chief. Selliaas and Johanssen have opened an interesting waterway in the positive impact that the illustrious appointment has had in Norway. It has to do with nationalism. "This is not an attempt to thwart the pleasure of a Norwegian having received a prestigious job in England, but an attempt to illustrate how difficult sports journalism has become. Most Norwegian commentators are celebrating Solskjaer today. " Because not many days have passed since another commentator in VG I warned of the danger of that feeling when sports news is addressed: that if the sports press can not get rid of the feeling of nationalism, we only help to cement it. And he went on to remember Solskjaer's black spots, like his boycott of the magazine Josimar because he recently published a critical article with his agent, Jim Solbakken.

Babyface, Meanwhile, he will try to repeat in Manchester the extraordinary circular movement that governed his career as a substitute for gold at United. There he scored his first goal in August 1996. It happened six minutes after going out to the field in a game at Old Trafford against Blackburn Rovers. The last goal, in 2007, he scored six minutes after leaving the field. Also at Old Trafford. Also against Blackburn Rovers. It has already been said that he studies as anyone, sitting, all the important issues.

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