Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Baby Monster completes the range of baby carriages and launches its line of car seats

After a decade of investment in product development, the baby carriage family Baby monster He has completed the range with seven models and enters the segment of child car seats. Specialized in light and twin carts, the project driver, the entrepreneur Ferran Umbert, plans to multiply the business with the expansion of range and entry into New markets, like Russia, Japan and Brazil.

The company has opted to manufacture in China – Like the vast majority of manufacturers of baby carriages – although in his case, he has invested in developing own molds to launch products that provide solutions to his clients, with very specific needs. “The normal thing is that stroller brands Acquire the finished strollers in China, to which they put their seal; we have a design office in Taipei and another quality in China that allow us to develop our own products ”, explains Ferran Umbert, owner of the company. After invest more than 1.5 million in development of product, molds and several patents, and molds, Umbert, who also leads a family business in the medical sector, believes that "we have the basis to grow solidly."

The company prepares the leap to new markets as important as Russia, Japan and Brazil

The baby carriage market is peculiar, explains the businessman, because they are small niches of population. In recent years, Baby Monster has gained fame for its specialization in light and small twin carts, with a market share of 40% in Spain and 12% in France. The business is multiplied by adding markets; The company sells in 40 countries through distribution to stores specialized in childcare, although only 12 markets generate large volumes. Spain is the first market, followed by France, China (with presence in the market place from Alibaba), Italy, Israel and Poland.

In addition, the company prepares the leap to new markets as important as Russia, Japan and Brazil. The company has approached the expansion in the traditional way, with strong investments in sector fairs to contact distributors in each market. "We are the only brand that has a presence in all major international fairs," argues Ferran Umbert, with thousands of flight hours behind him. Direct online sales, for the moment, are parked, although their main marketing tools are social networks. "Our e-commerce it is that of our customers, ”explains the driver.

The firm will close this 2019 with sales close to 6 million euros and plans to reach 20 million in the next three years. Based in Martorell, the company has a workforce of 25 people, 15 of them in China and Taiwan.

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