Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Aznar stands out from the policy of Rajoy with the independence movement

Aznar se desmarca de la política de Rajoy con el independentismo

José María Aznar has once again starred in PP rally in Catalonia sixteen years after the hand of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. This return of the leader that in the nineties modernized the Spanish conservatism and led him from the opposition banks to preside over the government after evicting Felipe González It has awakened a great expectation among popular supporters. Nail 700 people have exceeded expectations of the organizers in the most multitudinous meeting of the party in Catalonia in recent years. Between cries of "President, President", Aznar has launched a compromise that seeks to avoid the flight of votes to Vox and recover part of what went to Citizens. There will be no more recipes marianists with the independence movement, the PP will not be that "right coward" with which Santiago Abascal disqualifies them.

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"Our response to those who want to sow hatred and resentment, to those who aspire to break Spain, breaking before Catalonia, will be all the necessary, during the necessary time and with the necessary sacrifice", He assured. Without citing openly a new application of 155, Aznar has guaranteed that Pablo Casado your hand will not shake at the time of applying the law. At the same time he has made an amendment to the whole of the policy of the previous government of Mariano Rajoy, with whom he seems to have the desire to settle outstanding accounts.

"Those who doubt who to vote for, have one thing clear: our commitment to defending democracy is total, there is no turning back and it has neither conditions nor deadlines. Our voice is clear and sincere, "he added.

The presence of Aznar in Catalonia had a strong symbolic charge for the party, hence the crowded forum and the joy that many of the supporters of the PP have shown, especially after the violent clash they suffered on Thursday at the Autonomous University of Barcelona Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, Alejandro Fernández, and the candidate for European Cs Maite Pagaza. But it is also part of the mission that Casado has asked his political father to attend these days of campaign to those provinces where Vox can damage the PP more on 28-A. Thus, in the coming days will hold events in Albacete, Burgos, Madrid. And he has already visited in pre campaign Valencia, Murcia, Elche and Sevilla.

Aznar has called for the unity of the conservative liberal vote on the PP and has claimed that his work, which led him to the presidency of the Government, was to achieve that unity. So, he has asked those who think andn support Vox not to do so because of the past mistakes of the PP. "I ask that those who believe that the elections are to settle accounts with the posed or punish disappointments of the past, the votes do not change last; the policy must be a summation exercise "said Aznar. To then underline that I remain "committed" in the construction of a unitary project because "n

Our division is your hope, our unity is your failure"

"We are in the 21st century and not in medieval fantasies. This is the democratic Spain, not the Balkans of ethnic cleansing, we will not allow their future to be left by a group of delusions who have lost their democratic decency, "he said, in a message that can be interpreted as directed to Vox as to the independentistas.

In several passages of his speech, Aznar referred, without naming him, to José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. But direct and hard has been shown with Pedro Sánchez. "It is the secessionist candidate and those who do not condemn ETA," he assured.

Aznar spared no praise for Álvarez de Toledo, who in his day managed to seduce to leave journalism and enrolled in the PP. Neither the popular candidate for Barcelona has spared today in congratulations with the former president. "I feel a deep emotion to see again the PPC and Azanar, the constitutionalist Catalonia with Aznar," he said.

Remembering his recent period of chronicler, and with a large photo of the escrache suffered yesterday at the UAB, Álvarez de Toledo asked the audience if they thought the image of the "right coward". "I think the image of a great party of a long history of dedication, sacrifice and martyrdom in the service of Spain and freedom. That story is represented here today by you, the PP militants in Catalonia and my friend, my partner, my president, José María Aznar.

For the popular candidate, the escrache highlighted the "xenophobic" substratum of the Catalan independence movement. There is a Catalan youth educated in contempt educated in xenophobia, that is not right. His existence marks a dark omen about the future. But in front of them there were young people who stood up to them, the children of S'Ha Acabat !, brave, worthy, heroic, "he stressed.

Finally, Álvarez de Toledo has issued a warning to the independence movement: "I have come to provoke totalitarianism in the name of democracy, that is the main obligation of any Spanish Democrat in the name and defense of freedom. In Catalonia you can win, you must win and you will win, "he said.

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