Azkuna Zentroa reinvents itself to connect society and culture in Bilbao | Culture

Azkuna Zentroa reinvents itself to connect society and culture in Bilbao | Culture

Bilbao Azkuna Zentroa It starts today a new stage as a "connector" between Bilbao and contemporary culture with the aim of reaching new audiences and "generating a more critical, diverse and creative society". This has been explained today by its new director Fernando Pérez when presenting the main lines of the next five years where programming will win new spaces and uses inside the building as facades, terrace and atrium, in addition to the launch of a new laboratory of ideas, "Lantegia", with 2,000 square meters for exhibitions and the functions of a high performance center of artists.

The Mediateka will also offer new experiences with a multimedia space for the young audience on its third floor. The mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari AburtoHe has accompanied Pérez throughout the presentation, as well as a large part of his team. Far from stealing prominence, he just wanted to thank his "dedication, enthusiasm and enthusiasm". "Azkuna Zentroa opens up to the city, democratizes culture and makes it possible for all people to enjoy it," said Aburto, delighted with the news.

The new program was born from a reflection carried out since May, when Fernando Pérez joined the new director, and who has counted in this time with the reflection of more than 200 people in 10 different work sessions with users, artists and experts. of the sector. "We live in an increasingly complex and changing context, we need to propose new models to continue being a reference," said Pérez before detailing the new strategic lines where education and mediation will be one of the pillars.

Among the great novelties, the use of new spaces such as the facade, terrace and atrium stands out. Today, 12 illustrators will start drawing on the facade different works of comic artist Aitor Sarabia. The "Mediateka" will also be renewed as a transversal axis of all the programming and with a new "freer" space specialized in digital formats for a young audience. Until now, the Complementary Activities Center will become an ideas laboratory with the name "Lantegia", which will have the functions of a high-performance arts center. It will have 2,000 square meters for new activities between artistic residencies, workshops and mediation tasks.

"The bet goes to consider the artists in generators of the transformation", has remarked his director. All the programming will be related to six interrelated lines whose fundamental axis is contemporary art, live arts, cinema and audiovisuals, society, digital culture and literature. At the same time, they will launch a sustainability plan to save energy, in addition to taking special care of Basque and gender equity. For this new cycle Azkuna Zentroa has a staff of 273 professionals, 11 million euros and the clear decision of its director to place society and contemporary art at the center of all its activity.


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