July 6, 2020

Azana would be proud of today's plural and tolerant Spain

The Secretary of State of Global Spain, Irene Lozano, has been convinced on Tuesday that former president Manuel Azana "would be proud of the plural, diverse, supportive and tolerant Spain we are today."

Lozano has expressed himself in an act held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive the table at which Azana signed his resignation as President of the Republic and has been donated by the French family that hosted him at the beginning of his exile.

The act has been attended by the Deputy Secretaries of Foreign Affairs and Justice, Ángeles Moreno and Cristina Latorre, respectively; the granddaughter of Manuel Azaña, María José Navarro Azaña; and the director of the National Historical Archive, Juan Ramón Romero.

The French citizen Luz Franzoni, custodian of the table over the last decades and who has ultimately donated the furniture to Spain has also been present.

For Lozano, the act has been "of special importance because it serves as a tribute to those who, today more than eight decades ago, had to leave their land, their country, Spain, for their ideas."

"I am sure that today's Spain, democratic, supportive, tolerant and plural, is what Azaña dreamed of in her day," he stressed.

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