Ayuso's first warning to Feijóo: the war is not over

Ayuso's first warning to Feijóo: the war is not over

At a time when the leaders of the Popular Party are desperate to close the wounds caused by the internal war that ended with their leader dismembered in full view of everyone, Isabel Díaz Ayuso confirmed that the contest is not over for her. She wants revenge. She needs her not only for personal reasons, but because she wants to maintain her victim status against all the evil forces in the world, among which there are also people from her party.

The meeting of the National Board of Directors of the PP was supposed to be a procedural matter with the aim of convening the extraordinary congress. But it was also an opportunity for the president of Madrid to launch the first warning to Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Do not think that I am part of the group of leaders convinced that you will be the savior of the PP.

Tuesday's appointment was also the first stage of Pablo Casado's formal farewell, that trick they invented to convince him that the resignation would not mean absolute humiliation, which is what it was. The gift came with some conditions. Otherwise, it is not understood that he gave a rather flat speech of less than ten minutes. He did not even try to send a vibrant message about the future of the party. At this point, he wasn't going to thrill anyone.

Married made a brief reference to their collective stabbing when lamenting "The reaction that I had to sufferwhich has been unprecedented in the history of democracy and which I sincerely believe I do not deserve". You may be right, but it sounded like the complaints of the child whose toy truck was taken from him and the wheels had been torn off by hitting it against the ground.

None of the leading regional barons wanted to intervene. It was a matter of quickly going through the tragus, not of enlarging the wound. Someone had different ideas about it, and obviously it could only be Díaz Ayuso. "I don't believe in false closed wounds," he said. Nothing to turn the page and forget such insults. Casado's political career has ended in the dump, but that is not enough. "It will be necessary to investigate and expel the authors of it," he warned about those responsible for the "campaign" against her. The opposite of what the PP barons are asking for in public and in private, anguished with the image that the party is giving to their perplexed voters.

There should be no doubt about the need to repair the honor of the martyr, unjustly punished for her immeasurable services to the PP. The allegation reached a paroxysm when she compared herself to the former mayor of Valencia, who died shortly after her party left her without a seat in the Senate due to the numerous corruption scandals in the city. "What I don't know is how many more Rita Barberá wants to leave the PP in the gutter", she wondered. It should not be taken for granted that Ayuso will end up the same as Barberá.

The references to martyrdom were not the most relevant politically. The Madrid president also wanted to impart doctrine. In other words, send some messages to the future leader who will be enthroned in a month. A preventive attack with which to neutralize the alleged pragmatism of Feijóo.

Ayuso called for "fighting the cultural battle", therefore, maintaining the war without quarter of the Casado leadership against the Government. "Every time we have mimicked ourselves with the left we have lost all credibility," he said and it sounded very similar to an accusation of the PP that Vox leaders frequently make. Who knows in what situations the PP has appeared to be a party of the left.

If it already seemed strange that Díaz Ayuso gave fuel to these attacks from the extreme right, it was no less significant that he gave Feijóo lessons about the future, lest it occur to him to negotiate with the Government the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary to give an image of centrality. "I don't know of a negotiation with her (the left) where we have won anything," said Ayuso.

Now that Casado is checking what revolving doors can open for him, Díaz Ayuso clearly demonstrated that she is becoming the main representative of Aznarism in the PP. Nor is there anyone who is in a position to dispute that position.

Núñez Feijóo hasn't spent half his life in politics to easily fall into the traps that others set for him. He did not enter the rag and at the end of the meeting he came to say that the whole matter of the commissions obtained by Ayuso's brother is old news. "We have no doubt, I repeat, no doubt, of his honorability," he told reporters. If the judicial investigation says otherwise, there will be time to change the discourse.

In the afternoon, Andrea Levy, who chairs the PP Rights and Guarantees Committee, signed the statement that shelved the information file that Casado announced at the time against Ayuso. In fact, two days later, Genoa had already closed it after knowing the information provided by the Madrid Government to the media, information that the president had refused to communicate to Casado and García Egea since they told him in September they conveyed their suspicions about the brother's involvement in buying masks. It turns out that everyone had forgotten the file, or was busy with other things, until someone noticed that it had not been officially concluded.

Díaz Ayuso's internal reputation has not come out unscathed from this incredible internal row. His words on the Board of Directors were received without much applause. Some were more than cold when they heard her compare herself with Rita Barberá. They were all firmly rooted in the idea that the party should move away from the chronicle of events. Ayuso and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez have other plans.

As much as he tries to pretend that this level of permanent drama is not for him, Feijóo will have the opportunity to know what it feels like when the Madrid president sinks her teeth into your leg. He must already sense that it is not easy to let go of the bite.

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