Ayuso's collaborator, before the judge: "The cash that entered the bank was given to me by my partner at work"

Ayuso's collaborator, before the judge: "The cash that entered the bank was given to me by my partner at work"

The mayor of Arroyomolinos, Ana Millán, Deputy Secretary of Organization of the new Madrid PP of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, declared on April 22 as being investigated in connection with alleged rent payments by a businessman winner of contracts in the Department that she directed in the Madrid town. About those 52,950 euros that she was depositing in the bank between 2008 and 2017, Millán said that they came from her partner, who, for dedicating herself to the hospitality industry and the "world of the night", gave her amounts for common expenses and she he preferred to deposit it into his account.

A report from the Civil Guard, incorporated into the proceedings, highlights "that the volume of cash income is greater during the period in which Neverland Events SL made payments to the former councilor (2008-2012)". It refers to the company of Francisco Roselló, the accused businessman along with Ana Millán who paid almost double the rental value of the mayor's penthouse in the center of the town with the argument that it incorporated a right to purchase. These cash receipts are independent of those that Millán charged to his account for the aforementioned rent.

Of these cash income, the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard also highlights that "they decrease markedly once the company stopped making payments to the former councilor [a partir de 2013, en referencia estos últimos a los ingresos por el alquiler]". The judge has summoned Ana Millán's partner as a witness on July 4. The popular accusation carried out by Más Madrid has requested that she change her status to that of being investigated. In addition to her husband's money, Ayuso's collaborator said that the cash also came from the rental of another home he owned.

In four years, between January 3, 2008 and July 13, 2012, Ana Belén Millán received 44,462.67 euros from the Neverland company, owned by Roselló, according to the Civil Guard reports delivered to the judge. Four companies from Roselló were awarded, between 2006 and 2011, more than 660,915.21 euros in contracts from the Department of Youth, headed by Ana Millán, according to data that the UCO has obtained from the Treasury. When Millán changed his Department, the Arroyomolinos City Council stopped hiring Roselló, according to the Civil Guard.

Ana Millán defended before the judge that the contracts were approved by the Governing Board and signed by the mayor and that, however, none of its members or the councilor are accused, which she attributed to a "political complaint."

The investigating judge, José Manuel García Marfil, was also interested on April 22 in the part of the Civil Guard report that highlights the hiring of Millán's only sister by a Roselló company. She explained that it was because, after finishing her studies as a social worker, she wrote many resumes and was hired by one of the Roselló companies without her having any involvement.

Another of Francisco Vicente Roselló's companies that was contracted by the Millán Department was GE Escuelas Urbanas SL. The Tax Agency responded to the judicial request informing that, whether in terms of income from work or economic activities, Beatriz Millán Arroyo – sister of the mayor – collected the aforementioned 93,522, 60 euros from the Roselló company. In one of the years in which the businessman was depositing monthly money in the account of the then councilwoman Ana Millán, in 2011, her sister, Beatriz, broke her billing record with GE Escuelas Urbanas, a total of 21,365.10 euros.

As for how the businessman could find out that the then Arroyomolinos Youth Councilor was renting his attic, Ana Millán assured the judge that his is "a town" and that she spread the word among the officials but also among the " companies” that worked for the city council and that it was Roselló himself who proposed to pay him more for the right to purchase that he later never executed.

The businessman Roselló also referred to this issue in his statement as an investigator. He admitted that he rented the apartment for one of his employees and that he reached an agreement with the current mayor so that the price of the rent for the right to purchase amounted to the amount of the mortgage that Millán had to pay monthly to the bank, around 900 euros. .

The judge has also summoned this former worker from Roselló on July 4 after the Civil Guard had located five other tenants of the attic and none of them had paid an amount not even close to the 900 euros that Roselló paid Ana Millán for the rent. . The judge, for the moment, limits himself to indicating in his records and rulings the crime of administrative prevarication when referring to Millán. The Civil Guard cited the mayor for this crime and also for those of bribery, fraud and money laundering. Before the agents, Millán refused to testify.

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