Ayuso will use the Government's Baccalaureate curricula because "they are part of a redesign of Spain"

The Community of Madrid is going to appeal the Lomloe Baccalaureate curriculum to the Supreme Court. It will also request its precautionary suspension while the appeal is resolved, a fact that could last a year. Madrid does it because the curriculum has been "emptied of content" and the decree approved by the central government is "loaded with ideology", explained the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has spoken of "social engineering" and has maintained that everything “is part of a redesign of the whole of Spain”.

Justice paralyzes another Ayuso rule aimed at boycotting the Government's Education Law

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“The Government seeks to transform society and tailor it to its needs. This educational reform cannot be carried out without a great national, serene, plural, transparent and open debate in which all civic, political and cultural forces participate”, he stated, ignoring the fact that the laws go through public exposure and are debated in Parliament before be approved.

“The bridges between past, present and future are flying. The new generations will not know who they are, where they come from and it leaves them in a limbo without a future. They are being instrumentalized in a present of crisis, drugs, addictions and in the face of a future that is yet to be built; this is part of a redesign of the whole of Spain”, Ayuso defended.

Ayuso thus gives another twist in its confrontation with the Government of Pedro Sánchez with the educational sector as a battlefield. In the last four months, Madrid has approved a law aimed at shielding the concerted school and against the Lomloe, it has approved regulations to hinder the implementation of the Celaá law and has threatened to review (and censor, if necessary) textbooks for indoctrinate.

Now add this resource to the TS, which for the moment is an announcement. The regional president has not done so well with Justice recently. In the last two weeks she has accumulated two (temporary) defeats with her own regulations: the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) has provisionally suspended a decree about resumes and an instruction that asked the centers not to apply the areas (join subjects in class), as proposed by Lomloe, in both cases for invading state powers.

The regional government rejects that it is in open war with the central government, as proof, they explained at a press conference, that they have only used the Baccalaureate curriculum and not those of Primary or ESO. “Our intention was not to prosecute it”, commented Ayuso, “but when we know the drafts of the textbooks we are forced”.

Ayuso has accused the Government of stealing the educational debate and having approved the decree “in the middle of a pandemic” – the fact is strictly true, there was a pandemic when it was created – and “without consensus”. The Lomloe, mother of these texts, was approved in Congress with the support of six parties, five more than those who gave yes to the only educational law that the PP has approved.

The measure seems to have been taken unilaterally from Puerta del Sol without counting on Genoa, according to the words of Ayuso, who, when asked by the press, has tried to explain that he has communicated it to Genoa, but neither has asked for permission nor has it been received. Nor have other communities governed by the PP announced that they are going to join this Madrid initiative.

The announced resource does not alter the plans of the Madrid government regarding the prior review of textbooks, as announced by the leaders at the press conference this morning. “The Madrid Educational Inspection service will review the new textbooks through a special plan, since their supervision and that of other curricular materials is the responsibility of the educational administrations, which must ensure respect for the principles and values ​​of the Constitution and the provisions of the law”, the Community has announced through a press release.

In this regard, Ossorio has communicated, the regional government will hold a meeting today with the National Association of Book and Teaching Material Publishers (ANELE) to convey to educational textbook publishers its concern about the copies that will come into force next school year 2022/23“.

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