Ayuso takes Sánchez to the Supreme Court for the distribution of EU funds




The opacity in the
distribution of the European Recovery and Resilience Mechanism Funds
It has led the Community of Madrid to denounce the Government of Spain before the Supreme Court. The direct cause is the 9 million euros for employment that the Council of Ministers approved
grant in October by means of a Royal Decree four specific autonomies
: Basque Country, Navarra, Extremadura and Valencian Community. Other communities, such as Castilla y León, support the decision of the Community of Madrid. However, on this occasion no recourse to the courts has been considered.

The Castilian-Leonese authorities consider that, as happened with the judgment of the Supreme Court that agrees with the Junta de Castilla y León in its claim about the VAT refund of December 2017, and that it will entail a refund of those amounts to the rest of the communities, this time something similar may also happen if the Supreme Court agrees with the Community of Madrid

In a statement, the Junta de Castilla y León considers that the distribution of these European funds has once again been carried out with “unfair and clearly partisan criteria, leaving out those autonomous communities and territories that, like Castilla y León, should be subject to a greater support and differential treatment when collaborating in the fight against depopulation and in promoting youth employment ”.

The executive led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for his part, considers that this money was given "without clarifying the reasons and without explaining why the rest of the regions have been left out of the distribution." The Madrid Minister of Economy and Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, He recalled yesterday that the distribution of these European funds was decided in the summer of 2021, based on criteria that Madrid discussed, but which were common to all the autonomies.

Months later, there was a direct delivery to the four mentioned communities of 9 million euros, "outside the agreed criteria and without transparency," Lasquetty denounced. It is the first time that a Royal Decree of these characteristics has been produced, and Madrid has decided to appeal it before the courts "So that it is not repeated with any other amount", and "sure that they will agree with us."

Grant or tender

The European Recovery and Resilience Mechanism Funds represent the delivery to Spain of 70,000 million euros. Of these, 50,000 are managed by the central government and 20,000 million euros are delivered to the autonomous communities. But not in direct deliveries, but through subsidies or public tenders. «And emoney arrives remotely controlled by the ministries, which tell us what actions to spend it on"And also" atomized into hundreds of different performances, with which it will lose its multiplier function, "Lasquetty said.

Of those 20,000 million, it was decided to give Madrid 2,215 million euros, 10.4 percent of the total. A figure with which the Executive of Díaz Ayuso does not agree because he believes that "by population, we would have 2,700 million euros, and if the regional GDP is taken as a reference, it should be 3,700 million," explained Fernández-Lasquetty.

The Madrid councilor protests because these funds "are distributed with sectarianism" and they plan to go to Brussels to denounce it

In any case, of the committed amount, the central government has delivered 994.6 million euros to Madrid to date"50 percent of them between the end of November and December," he clarified. That is why the counselor protests when Minister Calviño presumes to have already committed 65 percent of these funds: "He has not executed them, he has only transferred them to the autonomies," Lasquetty defended.

In fact, he warns, the processing of subsidies and public tenders necessary for these funds to actually reach society will still take months. «The central government does too much display of the steps he is taking and the results count little, "he criticized.

Madrid, to date, has executed - "that is, they are really in the hands of society" - 18 million euros, including the first 4 that came in July to "buy laptops for Justice officials." The Madrid councilor protests because these funds "are distributed sectarianly." Because, They are also planning to go to Brussels to denounce their distribution.

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