Ayuso stresses the importance of putting on a mask and warns that not doing it is like "drinking and driving"

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has stressed the importance of "breaking the stigma of putting on a mask or not" and warned that not doing so is like "drinking and driving".

"What we want to do is for citizens to break the stigma of putting on a mask or not, which I know is uncomfortable especially now that summer is coming, but this is much more than the motorcycle helmet, it is drinking and driving It is the same danger because they can spread ", he declared in an interview in 'Antena 3', collected by Europa Press.

Ayuso recalled that they have already started with the distribution of masks among citizens and has advanced that in one day 1,100,000 people have already gone to get them at pharmacies. "They are of good quality, they are for a few days," he said, at the time in which he maintained that "soon" they will also have a second one at their disposal.

The regional leader has insisted that when the region enters phase 1 of the de-escalation they want its use to be closed in closed establishments. In addition, they want to apply a protocol of prohibitions and recommendations against the virus, with the aim that everyone learns that "together" you can fight Covid-19.


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