October 21, 2020

Ayuso says that Health forced to “eclipse” the problem of COVID-19

The Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has stated this Wednesday that the Ministry of Health forced “send communications eclipsing the problem” of the expansion of the coronavirus in February, when the Community of Madrid had a forecast that the 15,000 infections in the region.

In the plenary session of the Madrid Assembly, where he appears at his own request to explain his management of the coronavirus, Ayuso pointed out that “despite the fact that the central government constantly transmitted that the virus would have practically no incidence in Spain”, the Ministry de Sanidad began to study what needs Madrid would have if the virus spread, when they considered that “at that time, its infection capacity would be like the flu.”

Ayuso recounted how the Community began to analyze the situation due to the forecast of expansion of the coronavirus, and explained that on January 30, he met with the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, with the Advisory Expert Committee for COVID-19 , an organ that, he said, was established “six days before”.

That is to say: three weeks before the news of the first death from the virus in Spain (not even in Madrid) was known, the regional government was already working, “he said.

Given the “suspicions” of the new coronavirus in Madrid, Ayuso pointed out that the protocols adopted by the Advisory Committee of Experts were sent to all health centers, both public and private, and a special section was created on the Community website , in addition to an information phone for citizens, which has received “more than half a million calls”.

The Madrid government insisted on the need to buy Personal Protective Equipment (EPI) in the Public Health Commissions of the Ministry of Health, but, due to the “inactivity” of the central Executive, during the month of February contacts were made to make the first purchases extraordinary material, which culminated on March 4 with the signing of the first contracts.

Templates were also expanded, with the hiring of 1,142 professionals in hospitals and health centers, and SUMMA was reinforced with SAMUR and the Red Cross.

After this, the regional government requested the closure of the daycare centers and residences and, “faced with the refusal of the central government,” its closure was decreed the following day for “responsibility.”

On March 9, one day after the 8M demonstration, the forecast of contagion by COVID-19 in the Community of Madrid was extended to “30,000 possible” infected, so they again addressed the central executive to inform them that “unilaterally “They would close colleges and universities and prohibit hospital entry and exit” to protect health personnel. “

“I apologized to the population in each public statement, but we were doing what we had to do. And time has proved us right,” he said.


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