Ayuso puts on his armor and helmet when Feijóo is not around

Ayuso puts on his armor and helmet when Feijóo is not around

"We finished a summer that seems to be taken from hell," Isabel Díaz Ayuso began by saying in her speech at the debate on the state of the Madrid region. Knowing the incendiary style of many of her interventions, she had to fear the worst. The end of Western civilization, at the very least. But no, this time the Madrid president had been literal. She was referring to the fires this summer. After a brief acknowledgment of the figure of Javier Marías, she moved on to what was important. The speeches of politicians are usually endless. Therefore, you have to listen to them carefully at the beginning. That's where they put what interests them most. Then it's time for the list of promises, projects and announcements of dubious completion.

Obviously, what motivated Díaz Ayuso the most was talking about Pedro Sánchez and the evil that surrounds the central government. He spent more than half an hour with that speech, including from time to time references to how wonderful Madrid is, apparently a place where there is no pollution and soon there will be no waiting lists. It is a fantastic territory in which only elves and hobbits are missing.

"Without our proposals, Spain is headed for Bolivarian nonsense," he said. This is a bit like when the Rolling Stones perform 'Satisfaction' at their concerts. Everyone expects it. For the same reason, listening to a speech by Ayuso guarantees that he will resort to one of his greatest hits. You can also expect some new song. On this occasion, we must point out the reference to "those who hate Western values", in relation to the left. In Ayuso's mental universe, the Cold War never ended, the enemy is inside and you have to finish him off no matter what.

It is not the speech that is usually heard from Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Genoa has decided that the party is not interested in getting into those ideological discussions that excite Díaz Ayuso and the FAES so much, pregnant with mentions of cultural wars and other duels to the death with the left. Hence, a convention dedicated to it is not going to be held, despite the fact that at the congress of the party that elected Feijóo it was said that it would be organized later.

That leaves the Madrid Assembly as the only place where Díaz Ayuso can put on his armor and helmet and embark on the cultural battles that he likes so much, which generally have little to do with what most people understand by culture. . The other leaders of the PP, those henchmen who walk at the pace set by Genoa, continue to talk about the economy, while she is called to higher goals.

Interestingly, that did not prevent him from highlighting the "ideologization of management" as one of Sánchez's worst flaws. She, who gets a shot of ideology in the morning with coffee and toast before starting.

The personal and non-transferable world in which he lives allows him to ignore issues that worry or even alarm most European leaders. On saving energy in times of scarcity, he did not say anything. Nothing in the form of concrete proposals to achieve it. What she did do was complain scandalized about the not very ambitious decree on energy saving that the Government approved. "In the country with the most life on the streets of the continent, they order the shop windows to be turned off." Could it be that the expensive clothing stores on Calle Serrano are the last bastion in defense of freedom at certain hours of the night?

Madrid does not need any of that, because it is "the region that registers half of the electric cars in Spain". For now, it is a modest milestone. It is estimated that 674,000 cars with electric and hybrid motors circulate in Spain. They are 2.7% of the automobile fleet, along with 14.9 million vehicles that run on diesel and nine million on gasoline. The regional ranking of such a low percentage of electric cars does not give to be very effusive with praise.

As an appetizer of the debate that will continue on Tuesday, the opposition reproached him for the fact that several of the promises he made are recycled from previous years or months. Ayuso has a tendency to announce everything on several occasions, because it is already known that people have poor memories and forget very quickly. "They have been promising the same thing for thirty years," said the socialist Juan Lobato, who called the list of commitments a "teleshopping" on several occasions. "Recycled and retreaded ads", described them by Mónica García, from Más Madrid, "and others are merits of the central government". Some of them turns out to be 18 years oldaccording to the opposition, which almost makes it an urban legend.

Ayuso boasted that Madrid was "the only region where rental prices fell last year." That would be an extrasensory experience for people looking for a flat in the capital. In July, there was a headline that was repeated in various media: "The rental price skyrockets in Madrid." The Idealista real estate portal states that the rental price in Madrid it is up 10.3% since August 2021.

Regarding the promises to reduce waiting lists, Javier Padilla, deputy for Más Madrid, explained on Twitter that in the region "there are more than 730,000 people waiting for a test or a first consultation." Madrid is the third community "with the highest percentage waiting many days", and the eighth in number of people on the waiting list (per inhabitant). Ayuso did not specify how he is going to try to solve the collapse of Primary Care, where the people of Madrid are waiting a time that they had never suffered to see their GP.

The one Díaz Ayuso did not speak about was Toni Cantó, who has just resigned from his position at the head of the Spanish Office after spending the month of vacation in August. That's called skillfully managing the exit of the company. The position was created expressly for the Valencian politician when legal registration problems prevented him from being part of the electoral lists. It is true that the appearance of this monument to transfuguismo – an independent local candidacy and three parties appear on his resume – was an imposition by Pablo Casado. Ayuso assumed it and tried to make it profitable in his favor: he created a beach bar for him on Spanish to prevent the people of Madrid from ending up speaking some pagan language.

Ayuso was not going to give the opposition the pleasure of talking about Cantó. After fourteen months of little activity, the former UPyD and Ciudadanos and now in the orbit of the PP until the next change has taken a total of 87,500 euros in salary. The president could not concede any victory to the left over this expenditure of public money for no other reason than to be another of Casado's brilliant ideas, and that is why she anticipated criticism to say that "the Spanish Office is having a great result ".

The success has been so great that it is believed that there will be no substitute and that the department will be integrated into the Ministry of Culture. "Western values" demand a lot, but not so much as to have to defend a zarzuelero beach bar.

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