Ayuso puts a new conspiracy on the market: the climate emergency is a myth of the left

People are very worried about their things in Spain, inflation above all, but they should be aware that in China there are 54 million people with "depression and personality disorders" due to the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by their Government. Isabel Díaz Ayuso commented on it on Tuesday on the second day of the debate on the state of the region. How did China end up in the Vallecas Assembly? Asking that question means not knowing Ayuso.

The Madrid president stated that this terrible situation in China was what the Spanish government was looking for in its management of the pandemic. In the permanent hyperbole in which the Madrid Assembly moves, fundamentally due to Ayuso's style and the nerves it causes on the left, everything is possible, such as describing a European government as if it were inspired by the same ideology of the Party Chinese Communist. Or that it is said that Pedro Sánchez hoped that the citizens would sink into depression, because it must be assumed that this would be great for him in an election.

As in the Congress and Senate, the rules of the debate favored the president. The opposition spokesmen must abide by a closed time – which is not little, 30 minutes in the first intervention – and the president had an open bar to consume the minutes she wanted. And she really took advantage of the open bar. There wasn't a subject she didn't touch on, except one.

Interestingly, she didn't mention Zendal Hospital, which she has always been in love with. She still has not found it useful once the pandemic is over.

He rambled so much that on two occasions he made statements about climate change that in at least one case were between the denialist or the simply absurd. He said that "climate change has happened and always happens, this is eternal." Was he trying to deny that this is an urgent, current problem caused by human intervention and the industrial age that puts the survival of the planet or millions of human beings at risk?

Who knows, but it seemed so, because then he referred to the Roman aqueducts built in Hispania two thousand years ago, apparently as an example that there have always been water supply problems, so there is no need to get so nervous either.

A later sentence suggests that this was the case, that Díaz Ayuso believes that all this climate change is being overstated. At the very least, the left uses it to try to inoculate society with its pernicious ideas. "They confuse climate change with an emergency they want to impose on us." So it wouldn't be an emergency, in his opinion. Just an excuse.

Several countries –such as the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Japan and Spain– have passed laws or declarations acknowledging the existence of a climate emergency, as has the European Parliament. The Secretary General of the UN and the Pope have expressed themselves in the same sense.

Assembly debates are often charged with dynamite. There is a crossfire from all sides. It is common for Ayuso to launch very direct personal attacks against opposition spokeswomen and then lament the virulence of the accusations he receives. "We must not confuse criticism and dissent with insulting and attacking," he said in his final speech as he put away the bloody axe.

It is undeniable that their rivals hit hard too and that they enjoy doing it. No one cuts here.

Mónica García stressed that Ayuso "has been left alone" in Europe. In the response of governments and the European Commission against inflation and the high price of energy, there are numerous examples of government interventionism that provoke looks of contempt from the Madrid PP. “He has been protesting for months against the European consensus, which marks that now it is time for government intervention,” said the spokeswoman for Más Madrid. Egotist, narcissist and denial were some of the adjectives that she dedicated to him.

García showed copies of appointments with the family doctor in Madrid: waiting nine days, ten, fourteen, sixteen, twenty-eight. Examples of the state of Primary Care in the capital. And he added 800,000 people to them on waiting lists, "a quarter more than he did when he became president." Juan Lobato, from the PSOE, demanded that the people of Madrid have the right to be attended to in three days.

Ayuso responded with the argument that Madrid is "one of the best public health services in Europe". To brag, let it not stay. Regarding the lack of doctors, he maintained that "there are no medical schools" in Spain. It is not only false, but it is not even true if we add the word 'enough' to it.

There are 46 medical schools in Spain, the second country in the world in that ranking behind South Korea. The problem is the opposite. Perhaps there are too many faculties and MIR professors and vacancies are lacking.

The leader of Más Madrid gave several examples of the contrast between reality and the numerous announcements made by the Ayuso government. The difference between "what he says" and "what he does". Example: "What it says: we head the birth plan most ambitious in Europe. What he does: Of the eighty measures, he has launched one."

The one who did not criticize Ayuso and at most begged him was Rocío Monasterio, who confirmed Vox's role as the Government's Pagafantas in the Chamber. In the reply, the spokesperson for her party only needed to shed a few tears of spite: "Mrs. Ayuso, I don't know why he attacks me." More laments: "You are not alone. Do not attack us, we are supporting you." It is what you have to always vote in favor of the PP. In the end, they do not respect you.

The atmosphere of the plenary was very hot. Only in rhetoric. The temperature of the hemicycle and other dependencies of the Assembly was very low, as if there were no energy crisis or war in Ukraine. García reproached the president of the Chamber: "Don't keep us here freezing at 22 degrees. And by the way, comply with the law." The More Madrid group lowered a thermometer to the hemicycle, which marked 21.8 degrees. The air conditioning was also on full blast in the room where the journalists were following the plenary session.

The PP had opted for refusal. Of course, if its president flies into a rage every time she hears about a climate emergency, how can the Assembly be expected to respect the decree ratified by Congress and the maximum 27 degrees? It would be like conceding a victory to the UN, the Pope and communism.

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