Ayuso points to Feijóo as the alternative to the "soft men" that he personifies in Pedro Sánchez

A year ago, the internal war between Pablo Casado and Isabel Díaz Ayuso began in the PP, which ended with the former looking for work and Alberto Núñez Feijóo on the main floor of the party's national headquarters. 12 months later, the Madrid president maintains her state discourse, antagonizes the coalition government and barely dedicates a few words to Madrid to paint it as the “tavern” paradise that she is not. Of course, without raising the emotions of his co-religionists that he raised for a while after his victory in the May 2021 elections. This Saturday, during his speech before the XV Interparliamentary of the PP, Ayuso has once again positioned himself as the victim of a Pedro Sánchez whom he accuses of attacking Madrid, but whom he has called at the same time a "soft man". And who isn't? According to Ayuso, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

Ayuso turns the debate on the state of the Madrid region into a rally against Sánchez

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The president of Madrid has tried as usual: monopolize the leading role in any event in which she participates. This time, on account of the latest campaign by the Ministry of Equality, an exercise in reappropriation of a word (“softness”) commonly used to point out, and belittle, men who do not follow the dynamics of personal and work relationships of men. supposed men who fulfill the role attributed to a certain masculinity.

Every day #ElManSeHace

🙌🏾 For a society with more "soft men" building a healthier, stronger masculinity.

📹 New campaign #Co-Responsible Plan 🌟 pic.twitter.com/yB7yrGZnpK

— Ministry of Equality (@IgualdadGob) September 8, 2022

Ayuso must not have liked the clip, since he attacked him during a speech in which he unfolded his usual story against the coalition government, which he has placed within a kind of international conspiracy against the freedoms that, he says , embodies the right. “We are in a world that is getting smaller, with less and less freedom. Totalitarians win and there are wars that fill the world with fear and uncertainty”, he began, before immediately jumping to Spain: “It also happens in our country, because of them”.

The leader of the Madrid PP has accused Sánchez of "assaulting the institutions", among which he has mentioned the Crown, the Constitution and the Zarzuela Hippodrome. And the final assault on those institutions is in court. "They try not to be a brake and remind the Sánchez government what the limits are," he said.

Ayuso has paraphrased the presenter of esRadio Federico Jiménez Losantos to attack the Ministry of Equality, which he has called "a ministry that does not matter", and has linked his diatribe against the alleged liberticide perpetrated by the "socialist and communist" Government, with the Equality campaign and Feijóo's leadership against Sánchez.

“When you have all the institutions under your control, when not even the Hippodrome has been freed, when you have everything under your control, when you have Indra, the CNI, television, polls, publicity, propaganda. When you have everything under your control and you are not capable of filling absolutely nothing in politics with enthusiasm, who is the soft man?” Ayuso assured.

The Madrid president has dedicated a few minutes to the region that she has governed since 2019 to recover her management of the pandemic as a political bulwark with which to run for re-election in the regional elections in May of next year. “They want us turned off, sad, directed, controlled”, she has said, to wrap the community with her usual wrapping paper in the form of words without content: “Region open to the world”, “projects”, “economic engine”.

Not a word about health, education or social services. Neither infrastructure, environment or industrial policy. A lot of Sánchez, very little Madrid. And a slight final reference to its leader and candidate for the Palacio de la Moncloa: “Before the soft-spoken men, what we want to tell you is that the party of life, of joy, of freedom, of prosperity, has come to be stronger than ever, to do it hand in hand with President Alberto Núñez Feijóo”.

Ayuso, however, has not managed to be acclaimed to ecstasy by the hundreds of attendees at the Interparliamentary, which will take place in Toledo over the weekend. Without any apparent change in her discourse or her strategy, the leader who a year ago overshadowed the National Married Conventionwho was demanded by Alfonso Fernández Mañueco to raise his electoral options in the last week of the campaign in Castilla y León, and who starred in the only demonstration that is remembered by PP militants against your national leadership at the gates of the headquarters of Madrid's Calle de Génova, this Saturday he received the same applause as the other regional leaders. Only a few attendees have stood up to acclaim her, but she has quickly identified them as her Madrid deputies.

Support (by video) of Von der Leyen without talking about Spain

The morning session, the only one open to the press of the whole day, has on the other hand brought few surprises. Except for Ayuso's speech, the rest of the leaders have stuck to the script of raising Feijóo almost to the condition of president in pectore, who only has to see how the calendar passes for his turn to come at Moncloa.

The weekend event should serve as the launch of the pre-campaign for the regional and municipal elections of May 2023, where Feijóo is at stake to demonstrate his real chances of winning the general elections scheduled for the end of that same year. The round tables, which will be held behind closed doors and will be moderated by the regional presidents, will serve to define the general lines of the programs with which to try to convince the Spanish to vote for the PP.

And, like a year ago, the Murcian president, Fernando López Miras, has started his speech with an indirect allusion to Ayuso: if then he tried to make fun of the Madrid president and her speech before Casado ("I'm staying in Madrid"), today he blurted out in his first words: "They told me I had to talk about my table a bit." Because Ayuso has not made any reference to the theme of his table ("Economic challenges that concern the Spanish").

What the Madrid president has referred to is the energy and tax policy of the European Commission. But not to praise or criticize it, but to attack those who have shown in recent days the turn that the PP has had to take after the support of the president of the Community Executive, Ursula Von der Leyen, for a special tax on extraordinary benefits of the electrics. An idea rejected by Feijóo in Spain and to which he has had to open up to the evidence that his European political family left him alone. All the press has pointed out the turn of the PP, but Ayuso thinks it is bad and he has made it known during his speech.

But in the PP they do know that what happened in Europe could be a problem precisely because it is the continental PP, led by Ursula Von der Leyen, who leads the new criteria on what to do with the electricity companies, which are directly benefiting from the Ukrainian war.

The president of the Commission has briefly intervened in the act of the PP with a video in which, on the other hand, she has not mentioned a single issue of Spanish politics and much about the situation caused by the aggression of Russia.

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