Ayuso orders to project the flag of Spain at Puerta del Sol during the broadcast of the bells

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has ordered to project the Spanish flag on the Real Casa de Correos, headquarters of the regional government in Puerta del Sol, taking advantage of the broadcast that the televisions will do like every December 31, the chimes that announce the change of year and coincide with the ceremony of the twelve grapes. A lighting team is already working on the ground at kilometer zero in Spain following Ayuso’s instructions so that the red-and-yellow flag is projected during the minutes before the chimes and after the show that he will offer the former member of Mecano Nacho Cano, who will perform a song in the square – which unlike in other years will be empty – as a tribute to the victims of the pandemic.

The 'patriotic' Christmas starts in Madrid with the lighting of the flags

The ‘patriotic’ Christmas starts in Madrid with the lighting of the flags

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The regional government tries to exploit the diffusion that it gives to almost all the channels live on a night when the entire country is sitting in front of the screen to underline Madrid’s commitment to Spain, at a time when the Madrid president and others PP leaders see the future of the country threatened by the drift that, according to them, the Government of Pedro Sánchez has undertaken. Different television networks that have compromised their presence with live sets assure that the initiative has nothing to do with their broadcasts and have been surprised to learn unofficially the plans of Díaz Ayuso, who has planned it personally.

“It is an idea of ​​the president. The Royal Post Office will be very beautiful”, answer the questions of elDiario.es sources close to Ayuso, who avoid anticipating any details about the scenery of this New Year’s Eve. The same sources avoid explaining the reason that has led Ayuso to give instructions for the Spanish flag to be projected during the night of the end of the year, something that has not been done on previous occasions, nor if the assembly will imply an additional cost for the Madrilenians.

Ayuso’s proposal is in line with patriotic christmas decoration that has been deployed by the City Council of the capital, governed by the also popular José Luis Martínez Almeida in coalition with Ciudadanos, and that has displayed gigantic red-and-yellow flags with thousands of LEDs through the streets of central Madrid.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, back in March, the regional president has made confrontation with the central government her main political strategy. Díaz Ayuso has wrapped himself in the Spanish flag implying that the future of the nation is in danger. On October 12, Hispanic Day, signed a controversial article on ABC, where he stated that Madrid “is being besieged by the same forces that destroyed Latin America.”

On December 4 on the eve of the celebration of the Constitution, Ayuso said again: “We are the only nation in the West that sees extremists and groups in the government that come to destroy Spain.”

Before that, on September 21 and after a bilateral meeting with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, Díaz Ayuso had already starred in a controversial speech in which he tried to equate Madrid with Spain to explain the high number of infections that by At that time it devastated the region and to measure that the region was endowed with more means and that it was not treated as another autonomy. “Madrid belongs to everyone, Madrid is Spain within Spain. Madrid, what is it, if it is not Spain? It belongs to no one because it belongs to everyone,” he said then.


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