October 23, 2020

Ayuso faces a new remodeling of the Ministry of Health to promote a doctor experienced in social gatherings and critical of Sánchez

Government crisis in the Community of Madrid, but of second levels. The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has remodeled two important areas of the Executive on Wednesday, among which is the Ministry of Health, to face the second wave of the pandemic that has forced the regional administration to close perimeter the city of Madrid and nine other municipalities. The Governing Council has approved two changes to appoint the doctor Juan Armengol as the new vice-minister of Health Assistance, replacing Ana Dávila, and Nadia Álvarez, the new vice-minister of educational organization replacing Pilar Ponce, who becomes the new president of the School Council –Since it was pending to cover–.

Aguado questions Ayuso's optimism with the Madrid data: "We cannot convey to public opinion that things are going well because it is not true"

Aguado questions Ayuso’s optimism with the Madrid data: “We cannot convey to public opinion that things are going well because it is not true”

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Armengol is known for his television facet, participating in political gatherings in these times of pandemic in networks such as La Sexta, Telecinco or Telemadrid, in which the until now president of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine and emergency doctor Hospital Clínico has been very critical of the work of the Government of Pedro Sánchez Sánchez, even questioning the criteria of the Ministry of Health regarding Madrid.

The appointment of Armengol means removing from the Vice-Ministry of Health Assistance a person of the highest confidence of the counselor, Ana Dávila, to appoint a position directly designated by the president. From the Ministry of Health they recognize the “good profile” of Armengol, but they do not hide that it means placing the counselor a person imposed by the president when their relationship goes through its worst moment. Other sources attribute Ayuso’s decision to the fact that Dávila “has been missing during the pandemic.” Armengol’s connection with the Executives of the PP in Madrid is not new. In the last term of the Government of Esperanza Aguirre (2011-2015), later replaced by Ignacio González, he was responsible for the Strategic Plan of the Hospital Emergency Services of the Community of Madrid.

The appointment of this expert in internal medicine recalls that of the Deputy Minister of Public Health and Covid-19 strategy, Antonio Zapatero, who Ayuso placed in a newly created position in May when the until then director of Public Health, Yolanda Fuentes, resigned. Zapatero had gained public popularity for his performance as director of the Ifema Field Hospital, which the Madrid president used for her personal propaganda during the first wave of the pandemic.

In addition to Armengol, Nadia Álvarez leaves the General Directorate of Local Administration to be the Deputy Minister of Educational Organization, replacing Pilar Ponce who becomes the new president of the School Council of the Community of Madrid. Álvarez’s role goes through focus efforts on lowering ratios or the construction and expansion of educational centers ensure from the Ministry. The previous position in Local Administration of the already vice-minister will be occupied by the deputy of the PP José Antonio Sánchez.


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