Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Ayuso culminates 80 days after 26M Casado's personal commitment to maintain the 'square' of Madrid

However, it will be the first time that the PP governs in coalition and will do so with Citizens after reaching an agreement with 155 measures that, as Ayuso has committed in parliamentary headquarters, will comply "in its entirety", as agreed with Vox , aware that your support today in the investiture is not a "blank check".

Ayuso has had words directly for Casado himself, who has not been able to be present in the plenary, and after thanking his confidence "to address the most important challenge of his life", he has considered that today he takes a "step further" to "All parties that want a nation of united Spaniards can do so" in the central government.

The investiture of Ayuso completes the 'round play' that the PP achieved last 26M, when despite leaving 18 seats with respect to the last regional ones, they knew that they added together with the center-right parties not only in the region but also in the City Hall of the capital, where José Luis Martínez Almeida, already mayor, picked up the baton to his predecessor in office, Manuela Carmena, of Now Madrid, on June 15.

Despite these 80 "intense" days of "debate and consensus" to reach "meeting points despite the differences", as Ayuso herself has said, she will not go on vacation, not even this weekend coinciding with the bridge of the Assumption. In fact, tomorrow she will debut as president-elect at the Feast of the Virgin of the Dove, where she will accompany the mayor to the commemorative events.

The leader has even joked about this issue with journalists, assuring that since she is not going to have summer, she does not worry about the "bikini operation". It will take advantage, therefore, the next days to close the fringes that remain loose and close the new coalition government.

Unlike other investitures, the attendees and already present in full have remained for a long time inside the chamber 'invaded' by photographers, cameras and various positions and where Ayuso has been dedicated to say hello, to thank, to receive Hugs and take pictures. In a corner of the stands and already empty, he observed his partner, Jairo Alonso, who has been accompanying her for all these months.

Precisely, Ayuso was thinking about her family when they asked her what she was going to do this afternoon. So present has he had that, in fact, he has decided to break his silence in what have been his last words before the vote to talk about the information that pointed to irregularities in a loan from Avalmadrid to a family business.

He has said of his father, now deceased, that he was a "good man, honest and hardworking" and that his family, with the mistakes he may have made, is also "honored" and has created jobs until he was "ruined with the crisis". At this point, Ayuso has lamented the "discrediting campaign" and "half-truths" she has suffered and has ensured that she will never "dig" into the private life of her adversaries.

Subsequently, he has continued to remember them and has said that he would first call his own, and also the president of the PP, who has already congratulated him on social networks. Casado has congratulated him and assured that the "PP government program will guarantee economic growth to maintain the best public services."

Married has not been during the two full days to be on vacation but it is expected to be present at the inauguration on Monday. Yes, the secretary general of the party, Teodoro García Egea, or the spokeswoman for Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, among others, have been able to accompany her.

For his part, the president of the acting Community, Pedro Rollán, has also been one of the last to leave the Chamber. The one that was qualified as the "Pedro, the brief" always in a jocular tone, has already left his office organized at the Puerta del Sol for the arrival of Ayuso.

Meanwhile, the small corrillos that formed were still talking about the pools of the new Government with names of current members of the Executive and others that are not now: the former Minister of Health and current head of Casado Cabinet, Javier Fernández Lasquetty, the former mayor of Alcorcón David Pérez, the Deputy Minister of Economy, Miguel Ángel García or the PP spokesman in the Assembly, Enrique Ossorio are some of those who sound.

On Monday afternoon all doubts will be cleared. Although Citizens initially announced that they would be saying the names of their advisors during this week, Ayuso's idea is to make his own public on Monday 19 in the afternoon, so that they take possession on Tuesday.

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