November 28, 2020

Ayuso assures that if the Government does not allow him to close the bridge alone, he will not confine Madrid

If the Government does not give in to the order launched by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and does not allow him to close the region “for days” – something that is not contemplated in the decree of state of alarm – will not confine Madrid. This was confirmed by the Madrid president herself this Thursday in an interview on Cadena COPE, after this Wednesday she raised that option in an appearance without questions together with the presidents of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, and Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández-Mañueco, who announced closures on their borders until November 9.

Ayuso challenges the Government with a closure for days that does not allow the state of alarm 48 hours from the bridge

Ayuso challenges the Government with a closure for days that does not allow the state of alarm 48 hours from the bridge

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“So you confirm to me that if Pedro Sánchez prevents him from closing the bridge alone, Madrid will remain open?” Carlos Herrera asked. To which Ayuso has responded: “if there are no more options, yes, it will have to be like that.” The president of the Community expects to receive a response from the central Executive “in the morning”, and as they are answered, they will act.

Central government sources assure that what Ayuso raises is not possible and they recall that the Popular Party could have presented an amendment to this effect to change this clause and that it did not.

The reality is that the Madrilenian leader came to the meeting with her counterparts in the Castiles with this proposal but ignoring that it could not be done according to the state of alarm decree, which establishes a minimum duration of seven days. The president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández-Mañueco, like her from the PP, unveiled it in an interview minutes after her appearance: “The president said that it seemed good to close the bridge, but we have reminded her that the decree of the The state of alarm establishes a minimum of seven days, “he declared in an interview on TVE.

Ayuso has defended that closing because others close is to return to what “we have been forced many times this summer, to take measures because others took them,” he said. However, he has recommended to Madrid residents to restrict mobility as much as possible: “It is recommended, and it is their thing, that people be as little as possible in highly frequented places, that they go out just enough, and that they really avoid how worrying meetings are private parties, parties and university settings, “he indicated.

For Ayuso, the closure imposed by the Government for Madrid, in the previous state of alarm, has not worked because it did not improve the situation, while he has insisted that the situation “is better.” In the last few alone, the region has registered 38 deaths, 1,340 new positives and has an ICU occupancy of around 40%.

“” We do not have a single health report, just one, that tells us that closing the perimeter improves, “defended the president of Madrid. Her approach clashes with the measures that are being applied throughout Europe –France has just announced the confinement of the entire country-; Spain – where the nine most affected autonomies are resorting to these closures – and also with Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s own argument not so long ago, when he blamed Barajas airport for the increase in cases in Madrid.

Meanwhile, the vice president of the Community, Ignacio Aguado, continues to advocate for the perimeter closure of the autonomy until November 9, as he transferred this Wednesday in the Governing Council. The Madrilenian leader criticizes that 24 hours after the bridge begins, Madrilenians still do not know what to do, say sources in their surroundings. “It’s normal for them to be pissed off.”


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