Ayuso asks Sánchez to open shopping malls and make walks more flexible

The Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has asked the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, that Madrid can apply during phase 1 some of the measures contemplated in phases 2 and 3 and that would benefit the economy and citizens, such as opening centers commercial or to make flexible the schedules of the walks.

Ayuso has transferred these requests to Sánchez during the meeting by videoconference of the Government with the autonomies, as reported by the regional Executive.

In statements sent to the media, Ayuso has pointed out that although Madrid begins phase 1 tomorrow and must analyze how it evolves, it has asked Sánchez that measures corresponding to phases 2 and 3 of the de-escalation can be applied, which they understand that " they would be very beneficial for the economy. "

Specifically, he has asked that the shopping centers be opened to 40% of their capacity and also the premises that are inside the centers, because "many jobs are being lost and they are safe areas for purchases."

He has also called for the progressive staggered return to companies, a measure contemplated in phase 3 but which he believes that in Madrid "you can start to implement perfectly".

Ayuso has also called for more flexibility in the schedules of the children's walks, which right now coincide with the time of the day when it is hottest (from 12.00 to 19.00), so that it is the families who determine when the best time to go out with minors.

A flexibility that he has asked for in turn for the elderly, who can now go two hours in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, something that "complicates everything a lot".

In the same way, he has asked that "at least on weekends" people who do sports can go out at other times, because currently they have a "very limited" schedule and that makes them go out "as a group".

"And the same with this kind of curfew from eleven o'clock at night, which makes no sense, is not concatenated with openings of the terraces," added the president.

"In the case of Madrid, the more you limit, the more you bring people together; our population density, for example, makes people run and walk at the same time," he said.

In education, Ayuso has asked Sánchez to convene sectoral tables so that all the autonomous communities decide together how to return to classrooms in September, because each region cannot "go it alone", and to analyze how they can return to classes this course for a few days the students who have to take the university entrance exams or children with special needs.

Regarding tourism, the president has conveyed to Sánchez her opinion that quarantine is a "damaging" measure for the image of Spain, not only for the arrival of leisure tourism, but also for business travelers.

And it has demanded a specific plan for the Barajas airport, with measures such as thermal cameras.

In addition, he defended that Madrid can guarantee that there are "safe places, that have a triple sanitary security", so that when tourists arrive in the region "they know that they come to an area that they can trust."

Finally, Ayuso has asked the Government to announce its plans for the recovery fund through non-reimbursable subsidies, because Madrid has faced very high expenses to deal with COVID-19, such as the extraordinary hiring of health personnel until December or the construction of a new hospital to deal with infectious diseases or a possible rebound of the coronavirus in summer or autumn.

"We need this non-reimbursable fund, which is also needed to alleviate the damage caused by the massive loss of employment," he added.


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