Ayuso and Almeida seal the peace to face the double appointment with the 2023 polls

After the storm, comes the calm. And in the PP they have applied that saying to the letter, once they have verified that everything has returned to its place after the ravages caused by the gigantic tsunami that took Pablo Casado and part of the previous leadership of the party, which led to the landing in Madrid of the Galician Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The former president of the Xunta has already taken the controls of the battered Genoese ship and has almost magically managed to make the public forget the embarrassing spectacle and I gave them several points in the pollsAs if nothing had happened.

The numerous cases of corruption that are still open do not even seem to have made a dent in their electoral expectations, nor the recent scandals uncovered by the purchase of medical supplies in the midst of a pandemic, both in the Community of Madrid and in the City Council, for which they have paid exorbitant prices and for which Ayuso's brother and two already famous businessmen, Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño, have received substantial commissions.

Relocated the furniture, and with the left to the brawl in Andalusia and Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso and José Luis Martínez-Almeida make an effort to pretend that they have reconciled. One, offering himself for the new organizational chart of the Madrid PP that the regional president will unveil this Friday. Another, ensuring that there are no different teams and that it will have people from the mayor's entourage in its new structure.

Together with Pablo Casado, the two have been the main protagonists of the open crisis in the PP over the last two months. The difference is that Ayuso has benefited and has achieved his goal of gaining control of the party in the region and Almeida has been touched, after the frustrated attempts of the former national president of the party to place him as an alternative to the regional president in Congress and Appoint him as the party's national spokesperson, a position he abandoned when everything was blown up when the alleged espionage attempt on the councilor from the City Council itself was uncovered for the contracts that the Community of Madrid closed with a company linked to his brother Tomás.

The internal crisis broke out with all its harshness. Almeida resigned from her organic position and clung to the municipal baton, while the Madrid councilor herself – with the shadow of her chief of staff Miguel Ángel Rodríguez always behind – gave fuel to these alleged tracking practices on her and her environment . “I could never imagine that the national leadership of my party would act in such a cruel and unfair way against me”, he came to say on February 17, the same day that the case transcended the media. In that public appearance, Ayuso directly accused Casado's entourage, in which Almeida was framed, of persecuting her and wanting to finish her off for aspiring to run for the regional PP.

A few days later he went further and called for the "expulsion" from the party of all those who questioned his government's 1.5 million euro mask contract for which his brother charged a commission. "I don't believe in falsely closed wounds," warned. "All those who have dedicated themselves to creating doubts about me have to be separated from the party," she assured during her speech before the National Board of Directors.

With Casado 'dead' politically, the councilor has seen the way clear to continue with her roadmap. The accolade she received from Alberto Núñez Feijóo the same day she was named the new president of the PP in the extraordinary Congress, held in Seville and where Ayuso was the great star, has compensated her for all of the above and encouraged her to put aside the alleged espionage against her. In fact, she has not even wanted to appear in the investigation commission opened –and now closed– in the City Council, about which she went so far as to affirm that it had been created to "harass" Mayor Almeida. "He would put his hand in the fire" for "his innocence of him," the president went on to say.

In that conclave in Seville, Almeida, sitting in the front row almost like a stone guest, remained in the background while listening to the compliments exchanged between Feijóo and Ayuso. The Galician predicted that the Madrilenian will once again sweep the polls. To his peace of mind, the mayor was relieved that the then Galician president later had the deference to also anoint him as the next municipal electoral poster so that he would once again form a tandem with Ayuso. The alderman warmly applauded his new leader and left there without wanting to play down his companion and his new leader.

Shortly after, he acknowledged that he would like to repeat as a candidate for mayor of Madrid in May 2023 and make an electoral ticket again with Ayuso, who "makes the opposition very nervous." "I look good," she said. "What makes me happy is being mayor of Madrid, it is undeniable. It is difficult to find a position in politics that can compensate more. I see myself aspiring to a majority as wide as possible, and a majority like that of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the Community that allows me to govern alone," he said. These regional and municipal elections are very close and now both leaders of the capital are interested in putting aside the underground confrontation that they have had in recent times, although they publicly deny it. An attitude that contrasts with the good harmony with which they began their mandates: Ayuso very timid, and Almeida who ate the world. But since the overwhelming victory of the regional leader in the regional elections a year agothe tables have turned.

Almeida still does not know if he will be among those chosen by the regional leader to form his new team, although until now he has been an ex officio member of the Executive Committee when he holds the mayor's office in Madrid. Ayuso, for his part, keeps the secret under lock and key, although he has revealed that he will have people close to the mayor in his organization chart. "If he proposes people who are good, they will be there," he said publicly. And it is that sources close to the president insist that it is not about different teams. “They all come from the same place, in 2019 some were on the City Council lists and others on the Community lists,” they point out.

This Tuesday Ayuso gave some clues, such as that the new PP in Madrid will have a "small structure" and that there will be a "total renewal of the organization." “I am obliged to do so,” he pointed out. He wants "people who have been working for a long time and had no responsibilities to have them", which has unleashed bets on whether he will dispense with the casadistas or some positions close to the mayor himself who have been involved in one way or another in the case of his alleged espionage. What the president is clear about is that there will be no one who has doubted her honorability.

Almeida, who wants to gain her partner's trust, has opted for prudence. The other day he said he was sure that the regional leader "will make the best decisions" when it comes to forming his team. According to what he believes, the best thing in these cases is "not to ask, but not to reject either", he settled. “I said it and I stand by it. The president of the Community of Madrid knows that she can certainly count on me anywhere, because she is the one who has to have her hands free to form her team, and the one who has to make the decisions, of course, is her”, sentenced the mayor, who warned a long time ago that between him and the president of the Community of Madrid, "there was going to be no problem" for her to lead the party in Madrid.

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