May 14, 2021

Ayuso advances that new restrictive measures will be announced in Madrid on Friday in the face of the rebound in coronavirus cases

The trend has changed in the Community of Madrid. During the last week, the coronavirus contagion curve has turned and is rising again in the region. Also the admissions in hospitals that present an increase both in the plant and in the intensive care units. Faced with this rebound in cases, the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has announced that this Friday the Ministry of Health will implement new measures after only two basic health zones remain active today and the curfew of 00 to 6 hours.

Ayuso has defended that for the moment the situation is “relatively stable” but it is necessary to “prevent”. Thus, it will be the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, who will break down the new measures in the usual press conference on Friday, although the president has advanced that these measures will continue in the line used until now: new basic health areas and more massive antigen tests, for which it has announced the purchase of two million of these.

The vice president of the regional government, Ignacio Aguado, has been less optimistic than his partner. Aguado has been “concerned” because after a time in which the contagion curve fell, now it is rising, although he has said that it still does “slightly”. “It is bad news,” acknowledged the leader of Citizens, although he has defended, like Ayuso, that there is to continue insisting on the strategy deployed by the Community of Madrid since “it has worked.” Aguado has said however that if “drastic measures” must be taken, they will be done.

According to data from the Community of Madrid, the Accumulated Incidence at 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants –between November 30 and December 13– has increased by 6% compared to the previous week and stands at a rate of 214. By municipalities, the most affected are Móstoles (284), Collazo Villalba (271.7), Alcobendas (263.2), Las Rozas (260), Boadilla del Monte (258.4) and Majadahonda (250).

The rise is also generalized in all the districts of the capital, which today adds 6,829 new positives. Those that accumulate the most, as has happened in recent weeks, are Chamberí (a rate of 281 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants) and Moncloa (268). Those with the least contagion are San Blas (165), Vicálvaro (169) and Villaverde (176).

The rise in infections occurs two weeks after the crowds in the center of Madrid, coinciding with the weekend of Black Friday and the first weekend of Christmas lights, during which hundreds of thousands of Madrilenians traveled to go shopping. From the regional government they do not hide that the bridge of the Constitution could also bring more increases in cases that would not yet be reflected.

Given the rebound in cases throughout the country since last Monday, the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System will debate this afternoon the possibility of taking new containment measures for Christmas.


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