June 2, 2020

Awesome accident of a surfer in Portugal

Alex Botelho was unconscious and was shaken by violent waves

Surfer Alex Botelho is stable after being hospitalized on Tuesday after suffering an impressive accident during the inauguration of the Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge in Portugal.

Botelho, born in Canada, competed for Portugal when he was hit by a wave of about 20 meters and was unconscious. At that moment, a jetski picked it up but two waves collided and threw the rescue motorcycle through the air.

The surfer, unconscious, was shaken by the violent waves before the support people managed to get him out of the water and transfer him to the beach.

Botelho was rushed to a hospital, where he is stable and aware

Nazaré is one of the areas of Europe with the best waves for surfing thanks to a 5km deep underwater canyon that ends where the North Atlantic meets the coast.


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