Awards for bragging about technology and innovation

Awards for bragging about technology and innovation

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the term "technology" confers on the set of theories and techniques that allow the practical use of scientific knowledge. Said in a more understandable way, it is about the science that helps us solve the simplest problems – and also complex ones – and allows us to enjoy an increasingly simple life. Everything that surrounds us, in one way or another, is technology. It is a quality of the human being that, in its nature, seeks to adapt to needs that, as the years go by, vary.

LA RAZÓN, aware of the importance it has in our lives, and after the success of last year, celebrated the second edition of the Technology and Innovation Awards. The aim of these awards is to recognize the work of all those companies, professionals and entities that, day by day, are strongly committed to technological evolution in search of greater efficiency of our resources, a constant improvement of the products that are manufactured and, therefore of our quality of life. The event had the notable presence of the Minister of Education and Research of the Community of Madrid, Rafael van Grieken, who congratulated the winners for the important work they do.

Pepper María José Sáez, presenter of the morning news of Antena 3, conducted the gala with the invaluable help of Pepper, one of the most advanced humanoids in the robotics market. It is designed by Soft Bank Robotics, distributed and programmed by Robotronica, and is able to interpret the mood of people and recognize gestures, sounds, expressions and touch itself. María José Sáez, Pepper is not only a clear example of what the human being can achieve, but also a contribution to the progress of society and the constant improvement of our quality of life. The director of LA RAZÓN, Francisco Marhuenda, wanted to express a word of gratitude not only to all the winners, but also "to all those who dedicate their effort and sacrifice to research and innovation so that things that were previously unthinkable become actually". Francisco Marhuenda maintained that innovative products such as Pepper, of which he was impressed by his mobility and by his ability to speak, "open up new opportunities and we have no reason to fear that in the future they can replace us". The director of our newspaper said that the technology "is in continuous development", and recalled the famous anecdote of the resignation of the director of Patents and Trademarks of the United States in the late nineteenth century, who left office because "there was nothing left for inventing ». At the end of his speech, he gave way again to María José Sáez to begin the awards ceremony.

21 winners

Being a total of 21 awards -including such important categories as environmental commitment, safety or investment in R + D + i- and in order to make the gala more fun and dynamic, the winners collected the «statuette »By Francisco Marhuenda and the Minister of Education and Research of the Community of Madrid, Rafael Van Grieken. Afterwards, they posed for the photo and showed their gratitude for receiving such distinction. «Thanks to LA RAZÓN for paying special attention to both the education and the research side». With these words of gratitude, the Minister of Education and Research of the Community of Madrid began his speech once all the prizes were handed out. He also recalled that technology is changing our way of living and mentioned Pepper as a call to reflection. "We can see this humanoid as a threat, or also as a

a great opportunity".

There is no doubt that technology and research offer economic and competitive value to companies, properties that, today, almost all companies need. But unfortunately, the innovation obtained is not always visible and is not given the value it really deserves. In this way, Rafael Van Grieken mentioned this issue as one of the most immediate challenges that are posed. "We have to know each other better to value all that it means and all that our business network does. Prizes such as those delivered by LA RAZÓN contribute to the dissemination of information technology, which rarely reaches the public, "he said.

Gender gap

The Minister of Education and Research of the Community of Madrid announced the program to promote technology that will be carried out in the capital and will focus on the inclusion of women in all technological areas. At present, in the participation in innovative projects there is an important gap between men and women, and it is urgent that it diminish until its complete disappearance. Rafael Van Grieken also mentioned education as a basic pillar and stressed the importance of bilingualism that many of the institutes of the Community of Madrid have today. Van Grieken also took advantage of his chest to take his territory. This Community continues with its serious commitment to research and innovation, which is why it has multiplied the budget from the 55 million euros available in 2015 to the 115 million euros foreseen for the year 2019. "We want Madrid to become a center of technological attraction and having companies like the ones in front of me today, I am sure we will achieve it, "he said. Once his speech ended, under the applause of the attendees, the famous family photo was made with all the winners. Later, to put the icing on the night, it was celebrated the great moment that technology lives in our country with a fantastic cocktail.


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