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Avicci, a lover of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - The Province

Avicci, a lover of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - The Province

On April 20, 2018, the world of music mourned the death of Tim Bergling, known throughout the world as avicii and that he was found lifeless in Muscat, Oman, leaving a great musical legacy with only 28 years.

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One of the most famous musicians of the 21st century I traveled frequently to Gran Canaria, where he even recorded it on social networks. And he did it by family tradition, in an apartment on the beach of Las Canteras. A rare taste in the artists of their baggage, who opt for Ibiza more.

Now, a year later, the family has announced that they will release a posthumous album, which will be called Tim and will be released in June.

The father of the artist, Klas Bergling, has recently been in the capital of Gran Canaria. Together with his wife and mother of the famous artist, Anki Lidén, they are recovering from the loss of their son. "Everyone asks me if they do not feel better now, after a year, they do it with good intentions, but it's worse, there's another perspective now, I miss it in a much deeper way," Bergling said. half Swedish 'Dagens Nyether'.

"I had stopped touring, I was forgetting that it was a brand, and I had found peace and tranquility," the father added.

The one that was one of the DJ The world's most famous retired from the scenarios in 2016, when he was at the top, for health problems. He decided to put aside the life he had taken and travel the world with his backpack on his back. In 2015 Avicii had already canceled several concerts due to exhaustion, despite his young age had biliary problems that made him fight for years against acute pancreatitis.

His great success was Levels, a hit that came to light in 2011, and since then his career has not stopped growing, being the head of posters in numerous international festivals and traveling around the world playing his music.

The five songs that have immortalized Avicci

Levels (2011)

Hey Brother (2013)

You Make Me (2013)

Wake Me Up (2013)

Waiting For Love (2015)


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