Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Avianca cancels two flights to the airport where there were conflicts in Bolivia

Avianca airline canceled two flights that were destined for the El Alto International Airport, next to La Paz, where on Wednesday there were conflicts over the political crisis following the recent general elections in Bolivia.

The website of the state-owned company Servicios de Aeropuertos de Bolivia S.A. (Sabsa), which manages the country's air terminals, showed the cancellation of a direct flight from Bogotá and another from the Ecuadorian city Guayaquil with connection in Lima, which was due to land this morning in El Alto.

On the Avianca website it was shown that the flight from Bogotá, which should arrive at 01:30 local time on Thursday (05:30 GMT) returned to its origin, while the captain of that aircraft explained to the passengers that "the flight is canceled by national strike in Bolivia ".

The airline had already changed some itineraries and canceled other flights between November 6 and 9 towards Santa Cruz because of the citizen strike that has been carried out in that eastern city of Bolivia for more than two weeks, according to a notice published on its website.

An official at the El Alto airport told Efe that some airlines, such as Avianca, although not all of them, decided to cancel the flights that were to arrive at that terminal this morning.

The surroundings of the El Alto airport, which serves La Paz, were the scene on Wednesday of tensions between groups of detractors and related to the Government of Evo Morales for the announced arrival of opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho, president of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee.

Camacho arrived in El Alto on Wednesday afternoon from the eastern city of Santa Cruz in the middle of a strong police deployment, to ensure that the opponent could leave the airport, in the face of threats from the sectors related to Morales to prevent him from passing, as happened on Tuesday.

The intention of the civic leader is to deliver a letter to Evo Morales to sign his resignation before the allegations of fraud in his favor in the elections of October 20.

The tension increased after Camacho left the air terminal, as the groups that supported him, including several university students, denounced that those related to the Government blocked their way.

The university students remained cornered for several hours at the airport and then found a new official blockade on the highway linking El Alto with La Paz, although they were finally able to leave that city.

The police had to disperse the protesters that were left outside the air terminal with tear gas.

The protests that take place in Bolivia from the day after the elections, when opposition and civic committees denounced electoral fraud, left a deceased in the center of the country on Wednesday, the third since the outbreak of violence in Bolivia.

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