May 14, 2021

Autralia Navarro asks the Government to waive the tourist rate in this legislature – La Provincia

The spokeswoman forPopular Partyof the Canary Islands in the regional Parliament,Australia Navarro, asked the President of the Government on Wednesday,Angel Victor Torres, that renounces the tourist rate in this legislature.

Navarro, in a statement, considers that the Canarian tourism sector what it needs most at the moment is "security and measures that guarantee its competitiveness" in the coming years, so it invited President Torres to resign to apply in this term The tourist rate.

Navarro, who made these statements after analyzing the impact of the bankruptcy of the British tour operatorThomas Cookin the main engine of the economy of the Canary Islands, he assured that thePopular Partywill collaborate with himCanary Governmentto implement the necessary measures that keep the islands as a competitive tourist destination of the first order and avoid the loss of jobs.

"After the bankruptcy of the Thomas Cook travel group, it is not time to implement measures that reduce competitiveness or sow more uncertainties in the sector," so he urged President Torres to "clear up doubts and renounce the implementation of the tourist stays tax. ".

According to the PP, estimates predict that the bankruptcy of the British operator could jeopardize 1 in 10 jobs in the hospitality sector in the Canary Islands, some 12,000 people, and push GDP around 6%.

Navarro indicates that it may be time to "rethink the fiscal sable that Law 4/2012, of June 25, on Administrative and Fiscal Measures, meant for the tourism sector of the archipelago that saw its tax regime overnight 40% increase. "

The regional president of the popular Canaries recommended the president of the government "prudence" and also reconsider the desirability of resorting to the environmental imposition at this time to generate more revenue to the public coffers.

"The introduction of new ecological or environmental taxes planned by the Canary Islands Government can negatively affect the sector to recover with guarantees and overcome the severe blow that Thomas Cook's suspension of payments has supposed," notes the note.


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