July 25, 2021

Autonomous jihadism | Television | THE COUNTRY

Autonomous jihadism | Television | THE COUNTRY

A jihadist attack in Bilbao leaves seven dead and one seriously injured. Everything indicates that a young Maghrebi whose family had been living in the Basque city for seven years is the author. Thus begins the police work that, while looking for the suspect, also investigates the environment of this. The victim number 8 is a thriller produced by Globomedia along with two regional channels, Euskal Telebista (ETB) and Telemadrid – it was so much that it did not risk, or could afford, such a series! And it's a brave fiction, for the theme, for the moment it does it and for the format, with episodes of less than an hour.

Created by Marc Cistaré (Vis a vis, Boat…), premiered on Wednesday -is available on demand-, with almost a 13% screen share in ETB and a decent 3.8% in Telemadrid (the average of the chain does not reach 5%). In its first episode almost everything works, although some things squeal, like the moment in which an unscrupulous journalist tries to sell for thousands of euros an interview with the Spanish girlfriend of the suspect to a serious newspaper, almost as if it were a exclusive of the pink press, or that nobody has a Basque accent (which is not that everyone has to have it, obviously). In times of Fariña, who embroidered it with everything that had to do with the Galician, we have become ill-accustomed. But they are still minor details next to a production with rhythm, good performances thanks to interesting characters, and the promise to comply with the genre and try to surprise with unexpected twists throughout its eight episodes effectively.

The audacity of The victim number 8 It is about treating jihadism in a Spanish fiction from different points of view, without great exaggerations and with a lot of tact. The attacks in Catalonia are very recent, those in Paris in 2015 or the permanent memory of the Madrid massacre of 2004. But it was necessary to address this issue in Spain, and The victim number 8more than meets And with the intention of entertaining. And from two autonomic channels. Bravo.


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