March 1, 2021

Auto insurance will not stop covering claims with alarm status

Insurers will not stop covering automobile accidents during the state of alarm, both in all-risk insurance and third parties, contrary to what a message viralized this Monday in social networks affirms.

“Remember that in a state of alarm the insurance companies are not responsible for assisting and covering the traffic accidents covered by the policy, unless they demonstrate that the reason for the displacement was authorized under RD 463/2020.” This is the message that has spread like wildfire through the networks and WhatsApp.

DATA: The declaration of the state of alarm does not modify the obligations of the insurers, which will continue to cover the claims stipulated in the automobile policies to third parties and to all risks as before the Government approved its exceptional measures to stop the advance of the coronavirus in Spain. .

Given the scope of the dissemination of this hoax, the employers of the Spanish insurance sector, Unespa, has issued a statement stressing that these companies will continue to be responsible for assisting and covering traffic accidents that occur during the validity of the state of alarm.

Unespa has also come out in the way of misleading messages through its social network accounts: “Car insurance also protects you during #NationalAlarmState. Both third-party insurance and all-risk insurance. #StopBulos. Help us spread it Thank you. # Financial Education “.

The origin of the hoax is an error in an article in the specialized magazine Autofácil that this publication has corrected when warned by Unespa, according to sources in the sector, although the insurance company has not ruled on this point.

Therefore, the insurance companies will not fail to comply with the assistance and risk coverage assumed with their clients: All this regardless of whether, if the trip in which the insured has the accident violates any of the prohibitions in force during the state of alarm, the motorist will be exposed to the payment of the corresponding fines or prison terms established in Royal Decree 463/2020.

This decree, approved last Saturday by the Council of Ministers, provides that citizens can only circulate on public roads “individually” for very specific activities: Buying food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities; go to health centers or financial institutions, go to work, go home or take care of other people.

The rule allows circulation only due to force majeure or a duly justified situation and establishes that the Interior may order the closure of roads, completely or in some sections, for reasons of public health.


Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Entities (Unespa).

Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19.


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