June 15, 2021

Austria establishes “punctual” health checks at its border with Italy

Austria will introduce “punctual” health checks at its border with Italy starting Monday to prevent the spread of its coronavirus in its territory, Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz announced today.

The measure will be in force, in principle, for two weeks, and is established in response to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy, the most affected country in Europe and in which 197 people have already died.

Austria has also banned direct flights with South Korea, Iran and the Italian cities of Milan and Bologna, Kurz said.

Last weeks the airlines operating in Austria have already suspended direct flights with the most affected areas of China, the country most punished by COVID-19 with more than 3,000 dead and 80,000 infected.

In addition, in case Chinese, South Korean or Iranian citizens want to enter Austria they must present a medical certificate of no more than four days old that proves that they do not have the virus. This measure will also be in effect for two weeks.

Currently, there are 66 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Austria, with no fatalities recorded so far.


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