Austria announces a tax on the business of large companies Internet

Austria announces a tax on the business of large companies Internet

Vienna, Dec 29 (EFE) .- The Government of Austria will introduce a national tax on the activities of large international Internet consortiums such as Facebook or Amazon, local press reported today.

In an interview with the newspaper "Österreich" in its edition of tomorrow, Sunday, the federal chancellor, the conservative Sebastian Kurz, said that "we must take advantage of the possibilities of digitization, expand infrastructures and finally impose taxes on the great giants from Internet".

"In addition to the European measures, we will take steps at the national level, introducing a digital tax in Austria," said the chancellor, who presided over the European Union (EU) this semester and who will next turn to Romania on Tuesday.

"It would be more than fair for the Internet giants to finally pay taxes as they should.The digital consortiums pay in Europe only 9% of taxes, while the traditional economy pays between 20 and 25%," Kurz explained.

"It can not be that consortiums like Facebook or Amazon generate great benefits in Austria but practically do not pay taxes", concluded the chancellor, who announced the details of the tax for the coming weeks.

At the beginning of December, the EU economy ministers were unable to reach an agreement on a tax on large digital companies, which was debated for months within the EU, in the face of resistance from countries such as Ireland, Denmark and Sweden.

The European Commission (EC) had raised a temporary tax of 3% on billing for certain digital services of Internet companies that bill more than 750 million euros worldwide and more than 50 million in the EU.


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