October 21, 2020

Australian Open: Nadal and Kyrgios meet in the round of 16 in son de paz

In this Australian Open you are seeing the less histrionic version of Nick Kyrgios, the bad boy on the circuit. Although being completely “normal” exceeds and has its moments, some left over as a blow below the legs that did not come to mind in his meeting against Khachanov, but nothing exaggerated. He also discussed in that game with the chair judge when he was fouled for a time violation in the serve. He was bleeding from his hand after he threw himself on the floor. Kyrgios things, but not disrespectful as other times because in the end his extravagant blow only served to lose the point.

He is focused on tennis, as evidenced by the sacrificial ability he offered to Khachanov: it was the longest meeting of his life, almost four and a half hours in which he had two sets, in which he had a match ball in the third partial, another in the room and in the final supertiebreak he resurrected when the Russian had two serves to take the duel. He finished 6-2, 7-6 (7/5), 6-7 (6/8), 6-7 (7/9) and 7-6 (10/8). If the racket is your first concern, you become a very dangerous tennis player for your opponents. And the next opponent will be Rafa Nadal, the number one in the world, who warned: «It is evident that when he does certain things I do not like anything, but when he plays tennis seriously and shows passion for this sport he is a positive player for the circuit because it allows the range of candidates to open and that is good, ”said the Balearic, delighted at his performance before Pablo Carreño. After two rounds in which he won, but so, against his countryman he released all his tennis, his winning shots were fired, served well (not a break ball against) and his ball jumped, helped by conditions, by the little sun that finally appeared in Melbourne. He won the left-handed with an incontestable 6-1, 6-2 and 6-4.

“I don’t know him personally to have a clear opinion,” Rafa de Kyrgios also said. The round of 16, which will be early in the morning from Sunday to Monday or on Monday morning, is morbid because the last time they met, in Wimbledon, there were sparks from a cross between the Australian and Uncle Toni. During the meeting the provocations of the “aussie” were continuous. Now it seems they are in peace. «Kyrgios is a tennis player with a great talent with one of the best services in the world. And he has a variety in his tennis available to very few, ”explained the number one. To define his serve, better a figure: 33 direct services against Khachanov, and many more in which the Russian touched the ball, but did not return to the other side of the track. His tennis is something strange: he does not speculate too much and hits the ball very flat, very direct, with little effect. Take risks. «Nadal is one of the greatest of all time. I also read that he thinks that I am good for the sport. I don’t know him as a person. The last time we played was in Wimbledon. We had a very good game, 7-6 in the fourth set, I was defeated by someone better, I shook his hand, looked at him and said, “Very good.” We are two different players. Anyway, if we don’t like each other or whatever, I think there is a respect», The Australian followed with a cordial tone. They have faced seven times, with four wins for the Spaniard and three for his rival, which is not a bad balance against the Balearic tennis player, who usually has the most face-to-face shot in his favor against almost everyone.

On the other hand, Fernando Verdasco was eliminated by the German Alexander Zverev (6-2, 6-2 and 6-4), which continues to grow after the beginning of 2020 with many doubts. On the side of Nadal’s table, the other eighth matches are: Monfils-Thiem (hence the possible rival in the quarterfinals), Medvedev-Wawrinka and Rublev-Zverev.


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