June 14, 2021

Australian Open 2019: I miss Ferrer, Australia and the gatherings | sports

Australian Open 2019: I miss Ferrer, Australia and the gatherings | sports

To the Australian Open it is arrived with hope and renewed expectations. It is time to test the small changes in the game or strategy that have been tried in the preseason. It is known that starting well here, apart from being an injection of morale, is usually a guarantee to have a good year.

On this occasion 16 Spanish tennis players, five players and 11 players, will try to offer their best version. I imagine the enthusiasm of the youngest to consolidate and advance in the classification and the attempt of the most veterans to see if they manage to maintain themselves. In this edition, however, we will miss the presence of David Ferrer after his 16 consecutive appearances. I remember its premiere, in 2003, just one year before us, and I remember a lot of experiences of a tournament that is simply incredible. The big where the deal is warmer and special.

And looking back, I have come to realize that the world of tennis, like life in general, has sacrificed aspects in its technological evolution that, to me at least, made me happier.

In that first time, when you were away in the tournaments, the coexistence with the other tennis players and coaches took much longer than today. It was common to meet other tennis players, especially Spaniards or Argentines to go to dinner and then continue the gathering in the hall of the hotel. The players until a prudential hour; the coaches, until the many.

We talked a lot about tennis, of course, we exchanged opinions, we talked about the games of the day and we elucidated theories that could help us improve our contributions.

Nowadays, the tennis players and to a greater extent the best located in the ranking They have increased their teams and made them a more closed circle. Each one has its group of people, its particular entertainments, its permanent connection with theirs and with everything that happens in the world, and above all, they have data, a lot of data that leave little room for intuitions, points of sight and, even, to the mistakes.

The gatherings have passed to a better life; They have been perceived as unnecessary. We have all the analyzes, studies and statistics that are concerned with replacing our reflections. On the road to specialization we have taken ourselves very seriously as professionals and we have left behind that romanticism that allowed us to feel like privileged people who were given an opportunity.

One day from one of those early years, Gabriel Urpí, already one of the best coaches there is and has been in our country, -expresentative of Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, Conchita Martínez and Flavia Penetta-, made a comment out loud in the transport that took us to Melbourne Park that today would cause, at least, strangeness.

With his typical jocularity, he commented the following: "Oysters! What many people would pay to come here, to Australia, in the middle of summer, in a wonderful place and half a vacation. And they pay us! We are fortunate! "

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