May 18, 2021

Australian Open 2019: Djokovic player, Nole president | sports

Australian Open 2019: Djokovic player, Nole president | sports

I protested yesterday Novak Djokovic in an angry way, as in the old days, because at times the bulbs of the central court bothered him and he did not quite understand the need to have them on. "I do not know why they decided it, because there was natural light. Many brightnesses are generated and bother while you play. The organization has told me that it has been requested by television, so little can be done … ", stated the Serbian with resignation, firm in the tournament of Melourne, already qualified for the eighths (6-3, 6-4, 4-6 and 6-0 to Denis Shapovalov) and having guaranteed to leave Melbourne with the number one under his arm, whatever happens.

These Australian days, Djokovic advances with firm step on the track. He, with the six titles that houses in his showcase and his extraordinary performance on cement, is the maximum favorite. So far he has not made concessions. Djokovic is the great Djokovic with the racket, and without it he is the representative Nole, the leader, the president, because in Melbourne he plays two tournaments: one for the title and another for defending the interests of the tennis players, in front of the Players Council in a moment of internal swell in the locker room. There is division, there is schism and also public reproaches.

In August 2016, the one in Belgrade was chosen by his colleagues to lead the Players Council of the ATP, of which he was already part of 2008 to 2010. Since then he heads the rest of the professionals, who see in him (31 years old) an active and committed leader, especially involved in getting the players with fewer resources -the ones appear from top-100 down – get more income and can live exclusively from their sport. "I will give my all to contribute to the evolution of tennis. We all share the mission of making this sport better, "he proclaimed on the day of his inauguration.

Much appreciated in the booth, Nole is now trying to put out a fire that was generated during the first days of the tournament and is directly related to Chris Kermode, president of the ATP. At the end of the year his term ends and the tennis players met before the tournament to vote on its continuity, or bet on a change. In this context, the Serbian and some followers (Isner, Pospisil or Querrey, among others) are reproached for some maneuvers with the aim of separating Kermode from the presidential chair. In fact, a paper written by Pospisil that invited "breaking the system" came to light.

The 'shot' of Rafa Nadal

This group considers that the current president of the ATP is too immobile, while other players defend him. Among them, Rafael Nadal. "I am no longer in the Council and nobody has come to ask my opinion", shot a few days ago the Balearic, who resigned as vice president in 2012. "I understand that if there is going to be such an important decision, someone from the Council should come ask me my opinion. It's not me who should go to them. That said, I do not think it's good to have changes all the time because it's difficult to develop a good project. There is nobody that knows better the state of the masculine tennis that Chris ", abounded.

"No player has been consulted," said Stan Wawrinka, one of the stalwarts of the current boss. "Personally, I like Chris. I think we are going in the right direction, "added Australian Nick Kyrgios. "Rafa was a little away from the circuit because of the injuries and maybe nobody wanted to bother him. It would be good if we got together and talked. I want to meet with Novak and Rafa … ", intervened in the middle of the controversy Roger Federer, leader for six years of the Council, from 2008 to 2014.

Meanwhile, Djokovic once again acted as spokesman for the journalists. "No decision has been made, we are on time. We will talk to Rafa and anyone who is interested, and he has always been involved in this in one way or another, "he introduced last Tuesday. "It's not just about the president, it's about the future of our sport. My sport matters and I am concerned about the players, and I want to use my status as president to try to achieve positive changes, "he continued. And he said yesterday: "Information has leaked from the Council and that worries me, because not everything is true. This is not a story of good and bad … "

In Melbourne, two Djokovics: the tennis player, the president.

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