May 16, 2021

Australian Open 2019: Conchita Martínez: "Tennis players give few opportunities to be trained by a woman" | sports

Australian Open 2019: Conchita Martínez: "Tennis players give few opportunities to be trained by a woman" | sports

If the list is reviewed, only the name of a coach among the elite of the women's circuit is shown: Conchita Martínez (Monzón, 46 years old), who now protects the Czech Karolina Pliskova, cited today with Garbiñe Muguruza (not before 6.00) for a position in the tournament rooms. The Aragonese, who combines the bench – along with the Australian Rennae Stubbs – with the television analysis on the Eurosport channel, talks about the shortage of trainers at the high level of tennis and its link with the player. Or the player.

Question. You are the only woman the benches of the top-30. Why are there so few techniques in women's tennis?

Answer. On the one hand, there are players who, for whatever reason, do not want to remain linked to tennis as coaches and decide to do other things. And deep down, I think it's a decision of the tennis players themselves, who sometimes, for whatever reason, prefer to hire a male figure. In any case, it is very evident that there are very good coaches. The exact reason I do not know, but it is also true that the players give few opportunities to female roles. It's not because there are not, but the player has a hard time deciding on a woman.

P. In 2014, Murray hired Mauresmo and criticized him. Why?

R. Here people criticize everything, it's almost the favorite sport. If people want to criticize, criticize, but the value of Amèlie or other women is there … So I smelled for Andy, I smelled for all those tennis players who in their day supported me to lead the Davis Cup team and now , Olé by Lucas Pouille, who has also opted for her.

P. They are a nice example, right?

R. So is. It does not matter if the professional is male or female, because the one who is worth, is worth it. It's what we're going for. Among those who are worth, gender does not have to be a problem. Tennis is tennis and who knows the subject can perfectly take a boy as a girl.

P. Tennis, anyway, is one of the most equal sports in terms of distribution of prizes and other aspects, is not it?

R. Women have had to fight hard for this to happen. It is clear that with the leadership of Billie Jean-King and the WTA has been achieved a lot, so this does not come as it comes. We have fought hard and are still fighting for our rights. The two circuits can go perfectly hand in hand and there should be no rivalry. In the specific case of tennis, I think we are very lucky.

If the player is good, it is enough to order her; the rest does the quality "

P. 2018 was another year of swings in the women's circuit. Why is there no more stability?

R. It's complicated. For a long time Serena was the dominator, because she was almost at another level, but at one point there was already a dance, in 2008, when they were Wozniacki, Safina, Jankovic, Ivanovic … None could maintain the number one. I remember that some went down to 100. Now I think there are a few that may be up there, but I would like to see a little more continuity. Halep has been around for a few weeks, he did well in 2018, so let's see if he can keep the line this year.

P. But in his time it was very different, right?

R. I think there was more continuity. Those who were up there rarely had any slips … Now, physically they are more prepared because there is more knowledge and they work in a different way, but it is also true that there are these downs that are sometimes difficult to understand.

P. In that sense, what happened to the past year to Garbiñe Muguruza?

R. Last year I was with her for a month and she did very well, both in Doha and Dubai, and from Miami we are no longer together. With me, when she was alone, we trained very well. When she works like this and is motivated, Garbiñe is a great player and I am sure she will recover the level because she has the potential to spare.

P. And what can you expect from it this year?

R. It is too early to make any forecast. I have not been with her, so for me it is difficult to make an assessment. When we are with another player on the circuit we have less contact and that is why it is difficult for me to talk.

P. Serena Williams He arrived in 2018 to two finals, at Wimbledon and the US Open, and seems to have recovered his tone. Believes that will return to a level similar to the previous?

R. She is very ambitious and very powerful. If it continues there it is only to achieve great successes. Last year he returned from a motherhood and that takes his time; If he has done a good preseason and keeps more or less the physical tone … There is Roger Federer, who is also his age and still playing very well.

P. You, how would you describe yourself as a coach?

R. It's hard for me to talk about myself, but I like seriousness and being organized. I like to train with intensity. I am a positive person, who always seeks to turn the situation around when things do not work. The important thing is to order a player when it's messy. When they are good, it is enough to order them a little bit because the rest does the quality. And professionalism first of all, please. That is never missing.

With me, when she has been alone, Garbiñe and I have trained very well. He will get over"

P. The player now, tend to listen less?

R. They have listened to me, because if it is not better for you to leave … If the message does not get through, it is better not to continue. If you're going to be there so they do not listen to you, it's better not to be, if you're not wasting your time. Why do you hire someone, not to listen? They have always respected me. The moment you see no, to something else.

P. In tennis now, it seems that the tennis player relies heavily on talent, or so many technicians say. Do you agree?

R. With the people that I have worked, no. In my way of working, the effort is non-negotiable. With talent you just do not get anywhere, unless you're Roger Federer, of course. The others, without work, will not arrive. In addition, work is what gives you peace of mind on the track. If then you complicate the thing, how will you solve it if you have trained only one hour a day?

P. Many coaches refer to mobiles. Are they doing so much damage?

R. There is a lot of addiction to the telephone and social networks. It depends on the person and what is letting that person get lost. But yes, they are a dangerous weapon. I, for example, had to stop reading the press at the time, because if you saw a comment it could affect you, so now … Everyone thinks and often do not say pretty. You have to be cold-blooded with this matter. To me, while I'm concentrated when it comes to the track to train …

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