April 14, 2021

Australia will monitor Google and Facebook through a special office

The Australian Government today announced the creation of a special office to monitor Google and Facebook activities and ensure that they respect consumer privacy rights and antitrust laws.

The measure, driven by a recommendation from the Australian Commission on Competition and Consumption (ACCC), occurs in a context of concern about the power of these technology companies in the markets and the influence on the population through the Private data collection.

The ACCC published 23 suggestions today along with its final report on digital platforms, commissioned by the government in 2017, which highlights the creation of a special office within the Australian agency to "investigate and monitor problems in the markets in which these platforms operate digital. "

"These companies are among the most powerful in the world," said the head of the Treasury office, Josh Frydenberg, noting that these multinationals have to "be responsible for their activities and more transparent."

Canberra also stressed that digital platforms collect and use a large amount of personal information and consumers need to be informed about the data collected, as well as who and how they use it.

Frydenberg said there is a need to develop a legal framework to ensure that the power of these technology companies "is not used to reduce competition in the media (communication) or advertising markets," according to the press release. Treasury office.

"Action on consumer protection laws and privacy issues, as well as competition policies and laws will be vital to address the problems associated with power in the digital platform market and consumer data accumulation "said ACCC President Rod Simms in a statement.

However, the managing director of Digital Industry Group, Sunita Bose, – a company that represents Google, Facebook and Twitter – urged the government to be cautious.

"We are closely reviewing these recommendations to ensure that they do not bring unintended consequences to all digital businesses and the choice of digital products available to Australian consumers," Bose said in a statement.

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