Australia will do “what is necessary” to protect its personnel in Iraq

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said today that he has authorized “doing whatever it takes” to protect military and diplomatic personnel in Iraq, following the Iranian attack on two US bases in that Middle East country.

Morrison said that no Australian military or diplomat was injured in these attacks and that he will meet with his senior military commanders and key ministers to analyze the situation.

The Australian president also said he addressed the escalation of tensions between Washington and Tehran during a telephone conversation he had yesterday with US President Donald Trump.

When referring to murder by the US of General Qasem Soleimaní, Morrison said that “the United States has taken action and we will continue to be constantly close to them.”

Australia is a solid U.S. ally and has supported all its military initiatives in the Middle East, the last and most important of them in the fight against the Islamic State, as well as supported the Washington-led Sentinel Operation to protect ships in the Persian Gulf following its tensions with Tehran


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