October 1, 2020

Australia wants Google and Facebook to pay the media for the news

The Australian government wants platforms like Google and Facebook to pay the media for the news they publish, the executive reported today.

To do this, the Australian Government has ordered the creation of a mandatory code of conduct that should cover issues such as data exchange, classification and display of news, payment and exchange of income generated, said the head of the office Treasury Secretary Josh Frydemberg in a statement.

The code, which will be prepared by the Australian Competition and Consumption Commission (ACCC), will establish measures related to compliance with the provisions, sanctions, as well as binding dispute resolution mechanisms, adds the signed statement. also by the Minister of Communications, Paul Fletcher.

The draft code is slated to be released in late July for consultation, prior to its entry into force.

The move comes in response to ACCC recommendations, outlined in a final report released in December, on the impact of search engines and social media on the advertising and media market.

The report highlights that digital platforms in Australia concentrated 51 percent of advertising spending in 2017 after doubling their share in the previous five years at the expense of print publications, which in the same period went from 33 to 12 percent of spending.

Facebook, the most popular social network in Australia, has 17 million monthly users in the country, 68 percent of its population, while Instagram – the second with more followers and owned by Facebook – has 11 million more.

Google accumulated in 2017 90 percent of search traffic from computers in Australia and 98 percent from mobile phones.


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