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Australia | Television | THE COUNTRY

It is the sixth largest country in the world with a population that slightly exceeds 25 million inhabitants, of which some 800,000 are the original aboriginal settlers. Australia is an example of white colonization, a depopulated country except in the big cities and with a powerful television that produces excellent series with an advantage: they are English speaking, so their exporting ease is evident.

On Sunday, Sundance TV broadcasted the fourth season and today begins to broadcast the fifth Rake -Eight chapters of about 40 minutes each-, an Australian series that has already had its corresponding remake American of the same title.

The already usual Sundance marathons allow the unemployed and the elderly with subscribing capacity for the payment chains to have a seriéfilo binge, double-edged sword, because if on the one hand the spectator can follow the series without going to the weekly memory, on the other hand, it is an important challenge: it has to be very attractive to see more than five hours in a row. Rake he gets it, and that's a lot.

The wanderings of the lawyer Cleaver Greene, who will end up being expelled from the Bar Association, are those of someone in whom picaresque and helplessness are intermingled plus a good dose of fortune. Bright dialogues and a critical look at a society in which the line between the honest and the illegal is becoming more diffuse. Skillful defender of guilty, will have to deal with the effectiveness of his trade and the absolute disaster of his life sentimental and family, although always, yes, with a certain personal dignity, that of a skeptic who, despite everything, does not throw the towel.

The remake American is probably brighter in its production, although less scathing. If we use a classification of times happily exceeded, the Rake Australian is 3R, older with objections, and American, 2, all public.


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