March 4, 2021

Australia, one of the most polluting countries in 2030 for its mining plans

Australia will become in 2030 one of the countries that contribute the most to the polluting emissions in the planet if it keeps its expansion plans on the fossil fuel extraction industry, warns today a study by an environmental organization.

Currently, Australia contributes 5 percent of the global total of climate pollution, if domestic emissions of gases that cause the greenhouse effect (1.4%) and gas, fuel and coal exports are added ( 3.6%).

A figure that would triple in little more than a decade due to the impact on the nation and the export of the huge mining projects, among them the controversial plan to create in the state Queensland (northwest) the largest coal mine in the world.

"With the expected expansions of coal and gas projects, Australia can be responsible for 17 percent of global emissions by 2030," said Gavan McFadzean, representing the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

The oceanic country also studies several projects for the exploitation of gas reserves.

"The burning of coal and gas are the first cause of the climate crisis and Australia is the first exporter of both, with amounts that will increase dramatically in the coming years," says in a statement McFadzean, manager of the Climate Change and Clean Energy program of ACF.

According to the current data (where the two factors are added), Australia is now ranked next to Russia in fifth place of the main polluters worldwide, behind India, the European Union, the United States and China, the institute says. of climate studies "Climate Analytics", which also participates in the study on future Australian emissions.

Australia, a country vulnerable to climate change, has recorded a steady increase in emissions of polluting gases since 2013, the year in which the conservative coalition came to power and repealed the tax on the emission of polluting gases.

The oceanic country has also suffered devastating fires and major droughts, along with the bleaching of coral that threatens the Great Barrier Reef.

Ecologists criticize Canberra's position to continue with projects to expand the fossil fuel industry to the detriment of the Paris agreement, which seeks to contain global warming at the threshold of 1.5 degrees compared to 2005 levels.

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