Australia denies Djokovic received guarantees to enter the country

Lawyers for the Government of Australia they assured this Sunday that the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic you received no guarantees that your exemption would be accepted to enter the country without being vaccinated.

"There is no such thing as a guarantee of entry for a non-citizen to Australia. Rather, there are criteria and conditions for the entry, and reasons for the denial or cancellation of a visa ", maintain the lawyers of the Australian Ministry of the Interior in a document presented on Sunday night before the court that studies the deportation of the tennis player.

Melbourne Circuit Court celebrate a hearing this monday to decide if the world's number one is deported after the authorities revoked his visa last Wednesday for not being vaccinated.

Djokovic's legal team, who maintain that the player caught the covid-19 the last December, assured that he received through an electronic mail an evaluation from the Australian Department of the Interior in which it was said that he met the requirements to enter the country without quarantine

The document presented by the Home Office attorneys acknowledges that the applicant's responses indicated that cu met the requirements to travel 'without quarantine' to Australia, but that "this does not mean that the minister (or his delegate) could not question the answers or the evidence on which they were based upon arrival."

The world number one landed at Melbourne airport on Wednesday night with the aim of participating in the Australian Open, which will be held between January 17 and 30, but the authorities their visa was revoked for not being vaccinated, in the middle of a big international uproar.

The arguments of the representatives of the Government of Australia were known after Djokovic's lawyers presented a 35-page document in court this Saturday in which they alleged that the world's number one received a medical exemption to enter Australia without vaccination after having infected with covid-19 last December.

The legal team assured that Djokovic tested positive for covid on December 16, 2021 and that two weeks later he was recovered, so on January 1 he had been given permission to enter Australia without being vaccinated.

The 34-year-old Serbian tennis player has been here since Thursday isolated in a Melbourne hotel waiting for the Australian justice to review his case, after his lawyers appealed the decision of the authorities of the oceanic country.

Despite the lawyers' argument that Djokovic tested positive for COVID-19 on December 16, several photos posted on the social networks show how the world number one tennis player participated in public events without a mask that same day and the next.

Australia requires travelers to have the complete schedule of the covid-19 vaccine or a valid medical exemption to enter the country.


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