October 1, 2020

Australia believes the need for social distance will last up to a year

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Friday that the need to maintain the distance between people will last until they have a vaccine against COVID-19, which he believes will be produced in a year.

“Social distance is something we have to get used to in the likely future,” Morrison said in an interview with 3AW.

The president expressed that the physical distance measure of 1.5 meters will not be relaxed until “there is a vaccine”, which he added could be produced within “a year”, although other calculations estimate that it would take 18 months.

Morrison announced yesterday that the social restriction measures will continue for at least four more weeks, time in which the parliamentary sessions would resume, and they would gradually relax, although the economic and salary stimuli will last until September.

In the wake of the pandemic, the Morrison government has imposed a number of measures against the pandemic that also include limiting meetings to a maximum of two people, home confinement unless shopping is required, appointments medical or exercise.

It has also suspended non-essential activities, although it keeps schools and kindergartens open, at the same time that it has closed the borders to foreigners and imposed quarantines on residents and citizens who come from abroad for 14 days.

The government strategy implemented progressively since last March, which is accompanied by stimulus packages and wage subsidies, has resulted in a decrease in the increase in daily cases to less than 50 in recent days.

The liberal leader explained that for the measures to be relaxed, a greater amount of tests would be needed to rule out the coronavirus, better contact tracing and rapid reactions at the community level to block the spread of the pandemic.

The Australian government is developing an optional electronic tracking application, which should be used by the majority of the population to fight the pandemic, which in Australia has produced 6,468 infections, including 63 deaths.

“If people use this application, this means that we will have greater security that if a person who contracts the coronavirus we can quickly trace the contact of people who could have been infected. If we cannot do it, if we do not have the capacity, we will have to keep restrictions longer, “he said.

Morrison announced yesterday an agreement with states and territories to keep schools open, which is one of the most controversial points in Australia, noting that children have a lower risk of contagion.

In the state of New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney and where schoolchildren are still on vacation for Easter, the possibility of children returning to the classroom in turn is being weighed.


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