September 23, 2020

Australia begins preclinical testing of two coronavirus vaccines

An Australian laboratory has started preclinical tests of two vaccines against the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, which will last for about three months, official sources reported Thursday.

The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), which is responsible for these tests, is part of the large global network of the Coalition for Innovations and Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), which works to find a vaccine that mitigates the effects of the current pandemic.

CEPI has identified two vaccine candidates: one developed by the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, and one from the laboratory Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc, in the United States, to be subjected to preclinical tests at CSIRO facilities, it indicated this government entity in a statement.

“We are very carefully balancing high-speed operation with the critical need for safety in response to this global health emergency,” said CSIRO Director of Australian Animal Health Laboratory Trevor Dew.

In addition to evaluating the efficacy of these vaccine candidates, CSIRO, which has been working since 1985 with dangerous and exotic pathogens such as those transmitted from animals to humans, also seeks to provide alternatives to intramuscular injection such as a nasal spray.

The Australian scientific agency was the first organization outside of China to manage to accumulate large amounts of the new coronavirus based on the strain isolated by the Doherty Institute.

According to data compiled by the International Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry – which represents research-based pharmaceutical companies and associations around the world and to which the Spanish employer Farmaindustria belongs – there are already 20 tests of vaccines under development around the world facing to the new coronavirus.

In addition, laboratories have identified up to thirty potential drugs, of which one has already begun phase III trials, the last before approval, while 14 are in the initial phase of research, another four in phase I of development. and three in phase II.


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