AuronPlay's incredible milestone on Twitch

The AuronPlay milestone that sweeps the networks

Be content creator It has become a trend among the youngest, becoming the ideal profession for many, but the reality is that in the world of networks it is difficult to stand out and become known. Despite having a different content, staying in time is even more difficult, so they must innovate, although the pressure can with some who decide to take a break.

Some of the pioneers in this sector, such as the beloved AuronPlay, have seen their ups and downs throughout their careers, the last being a situation that endangered their popularity. However, he continues to be highly visible, so his long-awaited return has given him a milestone As the first spanish in reaching the 15 million followers on Twitch.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the streamer has received the title a few days after the end of his contract with the platform, which he has pointed out in his last live show. Fans have applauded AuronPlay's milestone, however his comment has made them speculate about a move to another network. Although Twitch has lost relevance in these months, it seems that other alternatives have emerged that can put its leadership in the streaming sector at stake.