March 4, 2021

August holidays start with the Canary airports to overflow – La Provincia

Theexit operationAugust vacations are put into operation with the Canary airports at full capacity. Tomorrow is the day in which more is registeredpassenger and aircraft traffic in the Islands, with 156,931 travelers and 1,130 landings and take-offs, according to AENA. During the eleven days that the air operator stands out in the outbound operation – from today until Monday, August 5 – the island airfields will concentrate more than 1.5 million users and 11,908 air operations. These data are slightly below the figures recorded last year in this same period, when they exceeded 1.6 million passengers in the Islands and 12,200 aircraft.

This slight decrease in passengers describes a scenario in which there will be no new record for visitors, although the Archipelago maintains unthinkable values ​​a decade ago. The bankruptcy of the Germania and Wow airlines at the beginning of the year, as well as the recovery of competing destinations and the consequent reorganization of the operations of the airlines, which have increased their activity in these destinations, are factors that are affecting the moderate fall of Passengers who point out this summer departure operation. In any case, these dates do not coincide with the high season of the Archipelago, which receives the greatest number of tourists in the winter months.

The airport area with the most activity is Gran Canaria. During these days, it will serve 443,342 passengers, who will arrive and depart from the Island on 3,514 flights. Although, the sum of the activity of the two airports of Tenerife – Los Realejos (245.028) and Reina Sofía (346.300) – exceeds that of the Grancanario. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are next placed with 263,222 and 201,014 passengers, respectively.

By sea and air

Peaks of maximum influx of passengers do not occur simultaneously in all Canarian airports. In Tenerife South and La Palma the day with more transfer is today, with 38,582 and 5,570 passengers. In Fuerteventura, the greatest turnout will occur tomorrow with the concentration of 28,430 travelers. Next Wednesday will be the busiest day in Gando, with about 46,000 users. In Lanzarote, 30,228 passengers will be reached on Thursday, the day on which the activity of the previous day will almost double. The Tenerife North airport will be the last to live its highest trajín level, since it will not be given until next Friday.

In the Islands, maritime transport plays a prominent role in the outbound operation, as it is an essential route for thetourisminside. During the first half of August, Fred Olsen will transport 398,711 people on the eight inter-island routes that are currently operational. This represents an increase of more than 12% over the same period last year.

The most demanded route is the one that connects Agaete with the capital of Tenerife. In this route almost 80,000 people and 22,000 cars will move in fifteen days. The line between Los Cristianos and San Sebastián de La Gomera is the second itinerary with more requests, since about 57,000 people will use this boat in the first half of August. The third place is occupied by the route between the capital of Gran Canaria and Morro Jable. About 44,000 will make this route, in which 13,000 vehicles will also be transported.

In the case ofNaviera Armas, this same route between Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura is the most requested and, according to company sources, it is practically complete for this weekend. Armas has nine inter-island routes that, in these days in which the vacations of many canaries start, are 80% of their occupation.

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