Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Augmented reality will hit Google Maps to make it harder to get lost

La realidad aumentada llegará a Google Maps para que sea más difícil perderse

The technological inventions that a few years ago seemed to be taken from science fiction books are being filtered, little by little, in our day to day life. A clear example of this is the augmented reality, that not only absorbs us for hours through video games, but also can help us through 'gadgets' such as Google Glass.

But the limits of this technology do not end here. After several months of testing, the navigation from the enhanced realization created by Google Maps It is here to stay. The company has explained to The Wall Street Journal that the pedestrian-focused function will soon be available.

The company has explained that the pedestrian-focused function will soon be available

In the beginningit can be accessed by the "Local Guides", who are responsible for editing the information of Maps. Yes that the tool will need more 'tests' before being available to everyone. However, this suggests that the search for augmented reality routes is much closer to becoming a practical reality.

The main functionality remains the same, according to Engadget. The application uses GPS to have a basic idea of ​​where the user is and then Trust the camera to get a much more accurate location. It is then when some arrows appear on the screen and tell the user where to turn or go.

In this way, this technology could help us in situations where we are in a complex site or do not have the exact guidelines. It could also come to our rescue at times when GPS is not accurate, as, for example, in large cities where tall buildings may interfere with satellite signals.

This technology could help us at times when the GPS signal is not accurate

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