August 1, 2021

Audi sells 1.525.300 vehicles by October, 0.9% less

Audi sells 1.525.300 vehicles by October, 0.9% less

The producer of vehicles of the high range Audi sold until October 1,525,300 cars worldwide, which is 0.9% less than in the same period last year, due to the extraordinary situation in Europe due to the new standards of emissions.

Audi said today in a statement that its sales fell by 25.7% in October, to 117,600 units, compared to the same month in 2017.

The interim president and director of sales and marketing of the Audi brand, Bram Schot, said that they have almost doubled in October the number of approved models and until the end of the year expect an adequate offer for all series of models.

The brand of the four rings, subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, expects to keep deliveries in 2018 at the level of 2017.

In Europe, Audi expects an extraordinary situation in the coming months due to its offensive of models and the implementation of the new cycle of approval tests.

Sales in Europe fell by 52.7% in October (32,150 units): the drop in Germany was 57.8% and in Spain, 58.8%.

Sales in Europe accumulated until October fell by 11.1% (648,300 units).

In August sales had risen in Europe because Audi made discounts before the new emission and consumption approval standard came into force in September.

In the US, they rose by 1.7% in the first ten months (183,476 units), although they fell by 17.3% in October.

Audi sold 539,730 units (+ 14.2%) in China in the first ten months of the year.

One of Audi's growth engines in China was the Audi A4 last month (+24.8% to 14,517 cars) and the Audi A6 (+ 14.4% to 13,702 units).

In Brazil, in the same period, it delivered 7,074 vehicles (-12.1%) and in Mexico, 12,105 vehicles (+ 5.8%).


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