Audi 800 million fine for the dieselgate

Audi 800 million fine for the dieselgate

Audi has accepted the payment of a fine amounting to 800 million euros by the Munich Prosecutor's Office (Germany) in the context of the software case that altered emissions in some diesel vehicles.

The amount that will have to pay the signature of the four rings contemplates the payment of a maximum fine of 5 million euros, According to the provisions of the country's legislation, as well as the return of economic benefits by the company of 795 million euros, according to both the Volkswagen Group and the company itself in a statement.

Audi thus accepts the sanction imposed for "deviation from regulatory requirements" in some of its V6 and V8 diesel engines. After the acceptance by the company, the legal proceedings that Audi was carrying out in relation to the 'dieselgate' will be closed.

The German firm explains that, as it is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group and is included in its financial statement, the fine will reduce the profits of the corporation for the fiscal year 2018. The results of the corporation were negatively affected by 1,600 million euros derived from "legal risks" of the 'dieselgate'

At the beginning of October, the watchdog councils of the Volkswagen Group and Audi already gave their consent to conclude an agreement with the president of Audi and member of the board of directors of the consortium, Rupert Stadler, for the termination of their responsibilities in the sine of the company.

Stadler left the two companies with immediate effect and will not work again for the Wolfsburg-based consortium. The firm indicated that the manager, being in a situation of preventive detention, can not fulfill his duties as a member of the steering committee.


Last June, the group Volkswagen also accepted the payment of a fine amounting to 1,000 million euros from the public prosecutor's office in Braunschweig (Germany).

In this case, the sanction came after an investigation by the public body indicated a breach by the Volkswagen Motor Development Department of its duty to control vehicle tests.

According to the results obtained by the prosecutor of Braunschweig, there were concurrent causes in a total of 10.7 million vehicles with diesel engines of types EA 288 (Generation 3), in the United States and Canada, and EA 189, in all over the world, being advertised, sold to customers and placed on the market with an inadmissible software function in the period between mid-2007 and 2015.

The 'dieselgate' came to light in September 2015 after it was learned that the German company had violated environmental legislation in the United States and manipulated information about its emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in diesel vehicles.

The US environmental protection agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), considered at the time that the car manufacturer used in the diesel models of Volkswagen and Audi a 'software' that confused the regulators in their work measuring emissions.


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