Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Auction thousands of vinyl signed by Jordi Tardá

Auction thousands of vinyl signed by Jordi Tardá

It is a usual situation. Libraries and discotheques are in the spotlight of the heirs of great collectors. After years of such dedication as a magnet for dust, when the memory of the absent has cooled down, the books or discs or whatever the ambition of the deceased, are auctioned, sold as an old man, or, in the worst case , destroyed in a recycling plant. The least tragic of all these destinations has been the immense collection of one of the greatest music lovers of recent times, the musical journalist Jordi Tardá, whose vast (more than 15,000 vinyl records) and very delicate record collection has just been auctioned at the Setdart house.

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Tardá, who led the space "Tarda, Tardá" on Catalunya Radio, was a journalist, musical promoter and promoter of the Rock Museum of Barcelona. He knew thanks to his diverse professional facets to the most important groups and artists of several decades and in his collection could not miss albums of The Rolling Stones, The Police, Queen, David Bowie or Bob Dylan, many of them autographed and in their first editions .

The collection has gone to auction in up to 103 lots by artists or by genres that start from minimum prices like 50 euros, although some, like David Bowie's double LP "David Live" (1974) signed by the British has its starting price established at 500 euros. It is also the case of The Rolling Stones' single "Miss You" with pink vinyl and cover signed by all the band members -Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, and Bill Wyman-, who already It is at a price of 650 euros. Another of the most coveted pieces is LP "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen, signed by the New Jersey and some members of the band that already makes 500 euros.

The auction house, which allows online bidding, also offers Dylan, Clapton or Queen autographed jobs, boxes, or simply LP group collections. For example, two lots of Elvis Presley vinyls are just around 30 euros, as well as other lots of 9 albums of Genesis and 5 of Pink Floyd.


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