March 6, 2021

Attenborough sees an example of a climate crisis on the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, north of Australia, is the clearest example of the climate crisis because it has been bleached by rising temperatures and the acidity of the seas, British naturalist David Attenborough said Tuesday.

The prestigious naturalist, 93 years old and famous for his documentaries on nature, appeared on Tuesday before the Committee of Enterprise, Energy and Industrial Strategy of Parliament to talk about the problem of climate change.

When he visited the Great Barrier Reef in the late 1950s he could see a "beautiful multitude of fantastic life forms," ​​but when he returned ten years ago, the corals looked white, he said.

"Instead of a multitude of beautiful ways of life, I was surprised to see how they had been bleached by the rising temperatures and greater acidity of the seas," added Attenborough, who has insisted on the need to make efforts in the face of the climate crisis. .

He admitted that when he began years ago to dedicate himself to the history of nature, nobody talked about climate change because "we did not know it or, worse, the changes we were going to inflict were irreversible, which they are if we continue as before".

"I am not a propagandist of nature," Attenborough stressed, but that, "if one sees what is happening, there is no other alternative" than to alert people to the situation.

The naturalist has warned, above all, about the damage plastics are causing in the seas.

"I've been talking about plastics for 20 years, anyone swimming now or traveling can see the horror of what can be caused by plastics contamination," he added.

In his appearance before the parliamentary committee, Attenborough was in favor of a change in the way of life of the people and stressed that young people are already "clearly" stating their position on this climate problem.

This month, the United Kingdom passed a law to reduce to zero the gases that pollute the environment by 2050, after the intense campaign of environmental groups.

The measure was well received by environmental groups such as "Extinction Rebellion", which a few weeks ago organized a series of street protests in London to force the government to take concrete measures in the face of global warming.

According to the experts, to reach the zero goal, the country will have to put an end to the use of gas heaters in homes, start up greener electricity and change the vehicles that run on diesel or fuel for electric ones, while the People will have to walk and ride more on bicycles.

They also estimate that the population will have to consume less meat and dairy products and travel less by plane.

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